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Grab your copy and independent bookstores or wherever books are available. Courage. Okay, it's time. Let's dance dance dance with your questions. One of my favorite features of this Tyler Adams rode to the cup, powered by Volkswagen podcast. You know the numbers did GFPs. 646-450-9472. If you got questions for the mighty Tyler Adams of legion united about football or life phone in your question at any time and it could be your voice on this podcast. Bonus points if you're driving a Volkswagen as you're doing so Tyler Adams, are we ready for this? Let's do it. Let's take our very first caller. Hello, this is Adam sharp from Harrisonburg, Virginia. This quarter of D.C. United home of the water. This question is for Tyler Adams. I am a soccer coach and as a youth coach, I'm always looking for players who exhibit captain esque qualities. How did you Tyler develop the leadership skills to be a captain, even though you were playing with men older than you when did you realize that this was something that was important to you and how deliberate have you been to exercise your role as a captain? Even potentially in areas in teams and situations where you're not the official captain. Thank you. Adam sharp from Harrison Berg, Virginia. I love this question so much, Tyler. Can you talk about when you started, I think, seriously about captaincy, leadership, and what's natural and what have you deliberately taught yourself and how my idea obviously of being a captain is a natural ability. Never something that I forced. I think one you have to be obviously a born competitor one that every single day wants to win no matter what the cost is and they're not there to necessarily make friends. They're there maybe somebody wants an idea or advice you give them that advice and they do that. But there's obviously different ways to lead. For me, it's always been natural, playing up in an age group. So when I was younger, I had to challenge myself against bigger and older players, but I was never the type of person to back down from anything, never the type of person that when I had something on my mind didn't say it. So I would battle with older guys, say what I felt no matter what it was, and I didn't really think about what the cost of it was because I knew that it would make me better. It would make them better. So I always have the mentality that iron sharpens iron and your captain needs to be one of those players that's continually sharpening the iron. Is there any coach that's really help you understand the potential of captaincy? I don't think it's been a coach, I would say that I've been fortunate to have very good captains at a young age and that's what kind of helped me shape me into the type of captain that I want to be. When I signed with New York Red Bulls, my captain was Dax mccarty. The Ginger king. Yeah, he taught me what it's like to come into training on time. What work he's putting in beforehand, how he talks to people and how he speaks to people is really, really important. How he can get pissed off on training, but after, you know, go up to people and say, yeah, you know, it's training. That's what it's going to be like. But off the field, this is how we talk to people, you know? And then I had Sasha question in Luis robles, sometimes Bradley Wright Phillips and those four guys alone right there, those names speak for themselves. Careers that they had, how they've developed into leaders, how they are as people most importantly. It's one thing to talk field, right? And I do a lot of it, but as soon as we're off the field, maybe I'll still talk not as much as I do on the field. So that's important as well. You know, I've had some good conversations with Greg berhalter from the national team. My role with having been captain for a lot of games now and what a good opportunity that is. But what he sees and how his perception of a captain is. And I think that's the biggest thing, right? At the end of the day, is everyone's gonna have a different perception of what a captain and what their type of leader they're looking for is. So for me, I don't really try to change how I am as a leader. I continue to lead no matter whether I'm the captain or not. Cool number two, hi, my name is Nolan. I live in four way Indiana. And I'm platinum fan. This World Cup being in the middle of November. Being in the middle of the season, which is having that big break where you

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