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Haley. That's one of my favorite lines of all time out of a song that is. Ah ho, ho ho ho! We wrote that down Or that just came to him. Just he had lived that. Oh, no, that was definitely written down in his journal that night. See, I think that just is like from the heavens. It's just that just hit you at the moment and you just go with it. Hit him in the fields. Oh, so you don't think he asked? Hey, guys, How do you spell? Oh ho ho. I'm writing it down in this lyric book way. I thought of that, because it goes along with the cadence of that new name in and in a home. I was in Which guy is that Dusty? He'll know. Ah! Frank. Here's the drummer Dusty Hill. There's only one more Here we go. Come on. I've forgotten his name. Um the guitar, the one the guy Then he's the great guitarist and alright will come to me eventually. He's the one is not his name rhymes with Willy. Billy Billy. Yes, Billy. Given Billy get that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't remember the guy's name, but he's that he's an unbelievable guitarist. He's like studied. You didn't study but I mean, he learned the blues. Long time ago in sort of melted into that whole Texas thing. Anyway, home all that to say, Oh, I've always said if I get invited to do a commencement speech that I want to put that in there somewhere, So that's how you close it out. Getting closing. How? How? How? How It just had that song start and you walk away. Wow. All right. Over the weekend, we had an accidental shooting of multiple people at the the I said not effing around coast, but really, they're the actually effing around coalition because if you don't protect your weapon, you don't know what you're doing. You don't have the safety on or it's like Dude, Please. What? But MSNBC and daily Beast and some other online tweets about that incident made it sound like there were opposing protest. Ng groups and the shooting broke out. Like that's a complete misrepresentation of what happened 100%. I just on weekends, so they just put dummies and newsrooms that write headlines for their tweets. Hey, Twitter King. You're the Twitter king for this news franchise. Yeah, Whenever I'm also we're going to Jiffy Lube. So let me know what I need to tweet something. I mean, don't do that. Just again another punch in the face for the media dangers. I checked all the major networks, though, and they didn't bite. ABC, CBS. NBC is MSNBC, So that was there that was their realm. Um I did not check CNN or Fox. But I did check ABC and Stephen So I want to make sure they didn't do the same thing. Because oftentimes, like lemmings, someone will tweet something like that. And other people just go out must be right because they did hanging here. And that's why I like wildfire, and that's how you end up owing an 18 year old in northern Kentucky. Just make sure of it. Good point. The president a little while ago 10 minutes ago tweeted this anarchist agitators or protesters who vandalized or damage our federal courthouse in Portland or any federal buildings in any of our cities or states. Will be prosecuted under our recently reenacted statues and monuments Act minimum 10 years in prison. Don't do it. We had a leader of a militia here in Louisville. Get on the steps of our city hall. And say that if they don't get justice, and we know what he intends, as justice, that's his definition of justice. Any chanted to these arms people in the streets that if they don't get what justice air quotes that they'll come back and burn this M F down and also later said, Burn this B ox down. How come the guy who's who made that the joke Tweet about Trinity High School was really about Jeff Prom, and then he was charged with Thelonius terroristic threatening. It was later bumped down to third degree. How come that guy on the steps who says a thing like that isn't treated the same way? I don't know in it said I've watched that video now probably like six times of just him standing there. That's I mean. It's scary. It's a it's a threat. That's what I'm saying like it and you believe it. It's 100%. You would totally believe it. Why is he not held accountable for that, though? Any any. He's really He's laying down an ultimatum. Ultimatum to the leaders in this.

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