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So I'm sure he's annoyed at this decision to win h h. So. Candy says look if they both go I'm going to be on the block at least is upon like, I'm going to be in trouble. If both Tom Cato, go and tamers. You'll maybe we'll go on the block, but you'll stay don't worry. It's fine. Don't worry about it. Samar really not not really taking. What candy is saying? She for what it's worth. I don't think candy made a particularly good pitch. This first time she's gonna try again later with a slightly better pitch. But a lot of her pitch revolved around this idea of like, well, if you do this, then I'll be in trouble too. Which came is able to be like well, first of all you're in trouble, homey and second. No, you'll be fine. So so it didn't didn't really work this first time. So she's going to try again later in the day. But for now taymor is is stuck on this idea. Yeah. And that that sort of pitched really ever work for people that are like in this, you know, in alliance, but like not like solid final to like people are like more willing. Oh, it's okay chill. Just lay low this week. I'm in control. I gave it to be. Okay. You're not gonna go home on the more willing to sort of roll the dice with your game. Even if they are and alliance with you. It's not a final twos. Though. I mean, I think you have to kind of like, you kinda you gotta you gotta work it different angle with with somebody like came are. Yeah. Yearly do Lolo Natalie in Ricky are talking about the following the next h they're considering throwing the next one because they have people like taymor willing to do their work for them. So why not throw the next one? And then all be able to compete in the one after that where they're finally ready to turn on those people that are doing the work for them. However, they ultimately decide probably not worth the risk here. Just just win it. They honestly after this week. I could very easily see a situation where they just went out from that point on. You know, from from a mental standpoint they have they've been studying along time, they're certainly capable and then from a physical standpoint, I think they would just completely. They're all three of them are athletes versus non athlete, so any physical competition is going to be just a breeze. Not that there are likely many of them left. Although we said that in big brother twenty and they were a whole lot of them left. So you never know. And given the fact that they really should have been able to win a lot of these in the past and avid and people have still in the house and one we'll keep getting victims. You guys you'll have any use not win these damn competitions. Like, you are the athletes like like Joe with what you can do. So at this point like rowing when there's really lend the Alliant like rowing the H at this late in the game. Like, no like, what are you doing just win the wage retain the power warring for us out here? But once again this thing. Expedited and can change so quickly like you might as well just get as much power as you can sort of the end for your safety at that at the very least. So Tom and Kato are talking again, they they talk about who they would like to see win the game. Now, pretty sure neither of them are going to get their Tom says, no Kato, you're going to do it. You're gonna win. I don't know. It wouldn't it be great though to see to see DNA win. Wouldn't it be great? She's such a great lady. What about candy? It would be awesome to see candy win..

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