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FM the audio sound bites of trump's impromptu thirty eight minute little confab with the drive by media again he was on the way to the Hamptons is got to fund raisers he was going to get up there and and a ten day a breakfast at the home of Steve Ross the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the other places a came under protest yesterday soul cycle and equinox and they were they were trying to shame Ross in the canceling it because who wants to host a fundraiser for a neo **** white supremacist and everybody told anybody go pound sand then later on there's something later this afternoon the trump is attending grand total eleven million dollars will be raised and again they tried to shame everybody involved in the canceling it including trump and they just the hosts are not a guy named Joe Farrell and Steve Ross they both held firm as did trump and that's the way you have to put you cannot give these people a centimeter folks you cannot those days should be over the days of trying to calm them down trying to show them that we are not what they say trying to make deals trying to bring about peace ain't gonna happen and this is not pessimism it's reality sold the president started here with China he is dead set on winning this trade war with the child comes now the thing about this that I think will go over a lot of people's heads and lesser somebody like me explaining this he takes one to most people is a complex issue the China trade they're not I mean it it is I'm me as much to a lot of people it's so convoluted and confusing that nobody knows really what the stakes are why is it happening what is it all about trump takes this complex issue that nobody has even paid attention to for decades and does his best to make it understandable and important and here is how that sounded talking to China without.

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