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We're here in New York governor Cuomo ordered everyone in the state to carry face masks in public and wear them if they can't keep a six foot distance from others there are now six hundred thousand confirmed cases of corona virus in the U. S. more than twenty eight thousand deaths numbers twenty six hundred of them in the past day CBS's Norah o'donnell asked Dr Anthony Fauci from the president's task force about a vaccine I said a couple of months ago I think about a month and a half ago that it would be about a year to a year and a half it is possible to shave a couple of months off that but you know you don't want to over promise we'll just have to see goes California will become the first state to give out cash payments to undocumented immigrants who aren't getting stimulus checks from the federal government governor Gavin Newsom regardless of your status documented or undocumented and there are people in need and this is a state that steps up always to support those in need regardless of status individuals will get up to five hundred dollars households up to one thousand a lot of people say they need the extra money CBS is Diane king hall according to a new Bankrate survey fifty seven percent of respondents are moderately or extremely concerned over paying bills which is actually an improvement from sixty three percent before the economic relief bill passed the idea of a stimulus Jack is helping ease some nerves surrounding the pandemic no surprise Americans haven't been spending like they usually do retail sales dropped a record eight point seven percent in March numbers for April expected to be even worse the Dow closed down four hundred forty five points this is CBS news for working from home ask your smart speaker to play news talk eight three WCCO M. and B. H. D. to Minneapolis St Paul a radio dot com station from the downtown Minneapolis studios of news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news Minnesota governor Tim Walz says with nineteen section and those who may already have habit has been a major failure across the country in his daily briefing today walls and health officials reiterated that while Minnesota does have the laboratory capacity to do as many as five thousand tests per day they continued to be hampered by a shortage of testing supplies like swabs chemicals masks and gloves this testing is is a major when Japan to getting this right and we are committed to getting it right Paul Scoles adequate testing the surest way to get back.

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