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But I keep thinking, you know, if they wanted to turn the draft on their heads Hopkinson. Might be a guy to look at it six. Oh, I think it's definitely something that you have to look into because he is that good of a player. He can start right away for team because he is that a block he you can use him on the wing you can use in line against offensive ends Outside Linebackers. You can use as a fullback you can split them in the slot or outside, and he can do all he's got the size already to anchor in hold up. He's a good puncher younger stands out. Get come off the line with his back loan as pads low. He can turn very quickly turned defenders quickly. He's a good lead blocker. So you get someone who's already at better blocker based on what we saw last season than evidence grow. And you get a player who also can work the scene down field and win contested plays and run after the catch. So if you wanted to say, listen we ever receiving core. We're just gonna put Ingram. You know at split end or put him at flanker. We're gonna put the other guys where the where they need to be. And we can rotate Coleman we can use Latimer in certain leverage situations, if he continues to show up, and if that's the case, then you end up consolidate your position and part of that is that you could use Ingram as the second tight end. He doesn't have to be on the front side of blocking schemes. So he can end you can be the guy can sneak out of the backfield sneak out off the line and use him on that level or you could be more multiple in your look. So you have two tight ends split. One out pre snap motion them to the receiving parcel. You can take advantage of what the coverage shows you. And now you're looking at a rob gronkowski Aaron Hernandez type of situation in terms of how these players could be used in the way that the patriots did your to go and that I can see why they're studying. That because when you have multiple tight ends that creates a lot of issues the colts did a lot of great work with that last year where they even ran things like three verticals four verticals using three and four tight ends. And looking like they were going to you know, they're gonna run the football. Just you know, compressed the box play you know, short short yardage football. And the next thing, you know, three of those tight ends or running verticals off out of the formation. They're getting big place out of that. And you could send e how the giants decide listen we've got saquon Barkley we want to look like we're going to be a physical power to eat. But we also want to be multiple enough that we can spread the field in as soon as as soon as the defense decides they're gonna use personnel and take advantage of them for that. So I love the idea is very creative one. We'll see if they take it seriously enough to to go that route. I have my doubts just because of all of the they've spent so much time talking about how much they need to upgrade their defense. You know, how much they they really could use a right tackle. And of course, you know, the quarterback discussion, which I don't think they're going to go quarterback at six, but it it's an intriguing idea. I just I think I would be I would be shocked if they pulled the trigger on it at six agree. And I think if they went really that could probably go around or two later there some guys that can still do that with guys like Dawson knocks of ole miss is of very fine blocker who has that same versatility? And can also catch the ball up thanking. He's terrific athlete is just underrated because he wasn't used a lot as receiver at ole miss. But he could be bargain version that for Hopkinson there's a guy really love tight end by traverse. John West go from West Virginia who's a former quarterback. When he came up or high school quarterback. But he's he was literally praised as part of the offense of live for West Virginia last year in terms of how Weli block he's about two hundred seventy pounds..

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