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In a large ballroom in Fort Meyers. The chairs were set up with social distance, but many in the room weren't wearing masks. Trump told the crowd. He's protecting seniors, but you have to live your lives. I'm working as hard as I can see. You can kiss and hug your Children and grandchildren very soon. That's something I missed. Also, I will be honestly. Polls indicate Trump's support with seniors isn't a strong as it was four years ago, and his handling of the pandemic is a big part of that. Tamara Keith. NPR news traveling with the president. And Democratic rival Joe Biden is campaigning in Michigan today with stops in two cities in Southfield. Biden warned a crowd at the United Auto Workers union that President Trump wants to strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions. But mishandling the pandemic isn't enough for Trump. Top of that he's still trying to take away your healthcare. Aiden told the crowd. If he is elected, his administration will build on the affordable care act. Biden travels to Detroit for another rally tonight. Federal deficit has hit a record $3.1 trillion in the fiscal year that just ended NPR's Scott Horsefly reports the Corona virus added a waterfall to what was already a river of reading the deficit for fiscal year. 2020 was more than twice as big as the previous high set during the great recession a decade ago. It's about three times with the government had been expecting before the pandemic struck with businesses shuttered and millions of people out of work. Government tax revenue shrank at the same time federal spending balloon as Congress authorized trillions of dollars in relief payments to keep families and businesses afloat. Trump administration was already facing a $1 trillion deficits even before the pandemic hit. Despite the government's massive borrowing interest rates have remained exceptionally low. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington All street in mixed territory by the closing bell. The Dow up 112 points. You're listening to NPR news, and this is K C R. W News. I'm leery Perella. It's a Friday, October 16th of very good afternoon to you. Here's what's happening in three or four. After initially rejecting the request earlier today by Governor Newsome. The Trump administration approved California's bid for disaster relief funds. This afternoon, The Washington Post reports. The turnaround came after a midday call from Newsome to Trump. Money will assist the response to wildfire statewide, including fires and Ella Sanford, you know, and San Diego County's The Declaration frees up millions of dollars in federal relief funding, including recovery and response to the bobcat fire in the same Gabriel Mountains. Federal government says it initially rejected the request because FEMA determined the state had enough federal resource is in place. The initial denial highlighted the political animosity between the state and Trump, who has repeatedly assailed California's forced management practices. Emergency funding from FEMA can cover as much as 75% of local fire response efforts. A federal grand jury in Texas has indicted former Los Angeles Angels employee Eric came in connection with the overdose. Death of Picture. Tyler Skaggs K is accused of providing Skaggs with the fentanyl that killed the ballplayer in a hotel room in July of last year. Here's case your W's Daryl Saxman. A grand jury charged K with two counts of distributing it controlled substance. The indictment alleges that he'd been selling painkillers since at least 2017, according to the Times, which first reported the story. Authorities have alleged that Kay and Skaggs had a history of narcotics transactions. Kay was a longtime employee of the Angels Media Relations Department. He was arrested by federal authorities in August. The deadline to indict him was extended twice as his lawyers and prosecutors discussed a plea deal that was never reached. Skaggs was born in Woodland Hills and played at Santa Monica High School. He died less than two weeks before his 28th birthday. At his case here, it'll be a sterile.

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