Chairman, Congress, Barack Obama discussed on Weekend Edition


That you won't be able to pay to have the best service and it it'll make it harder to compete i think the chairman is right that in you know in the past the internet did not suffer before these rules i think it's tough to make the case that before net neutrality rules were put in place that the internet suffered obviously at flourish i think the question is when you have it in the control of a few we'll things continue to be good just because and i think that's a really tough question the answer so i think a lot of people are like let's not take away these rules can congress do something they came and in fact a lot of people on both sides would like to see congress do it precisely so we don't have what we've had in the last couple of obama's president there's net neutrality rules trump come name those rules get repeal there may be pressure on both sides to say left let's not revisit this every presidential administration let's have a set of rules that we all can live with that are consistent and permanent and i think that might be a good outcome for everyone in a free chief technology correspondent with axioms who joined uh uh thanks so much for being with us and tomorrow morning on we can deduce from sunday a look at the increasing role of artificial intelligence and our daily lives not just alexa or sheree aai has made its way into healthcare education and the justice system to more on that tomorrow i shall condition sunday this weekend with linda wertheimer on a clear night in central idaho you can see the milky way that's because people there have made a net efforts to keep the night.

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