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Your jumping into the numbers evaluating millions of data in Cincinnati by two hundred. This is Hembo knows. Ammo has Paulin Makita research read. Espn is onto also a haunt show on the show. Get up. He tells us he's the head Honcho. I have not confirmed that yet. Hembo Thanks for listening to the. Podcast interviews. We've been doing and You've got a chance to listen to the Jim Palmer interview and he made. He made some references to his unusual relationship with his manager. Earl Weaver he sure. Did I mean it seems that you know for the entirety of their relationship? It was he described it as you know as the `social distancing before it was before it was cool but it what what strikes me. Statistically as the orioles were the winningest team in baseball during early verse tenure with the team and Jim Palmer durability enabled him buster to employ famous for man rotation as you know color ranks third all time with one hundred. Thirty two wins on three days rest. He talked about that in a podcast behind only Walter Johnson and Warren Spahn and he posted a higher percentage than either of them in those starts. He we talk about with him about his start against Sandy Colfax nineteen sixty six. That's a special badge of honor for a young pitcher. Jim Palmer was back then but it was a precursor what was to come. Jim Palmer is the only pitcher to throw a postseason. Shut up toward the age of twenty one in like you said he did so against Sandy Koufax in the dodgers in game two sixty six world series Palmer is also the only pitcher to win a world series game in three different decades and in three consecutive years bus birth spinning nineteen sixty nine to nineteen. Seventy-one Palmer three complete game to clinch the American League Championship series allowing a total of six runs in those twenty seven innings. I mentioned earlier this week. On the PODCASTS. My favorite stat about Jim Palmer was that during the course of his career. He never allowed a Grand Slam. What he make of that well. It's wild he's also he also never allowed back to back homers which I think is equally wild As far as the grams are concerned opponents. Posted an opium of four thirty two against Palmer with the bases loaded. That is the lowest for any pitcher to face at least a hundred batters in those circumstances. Sin that data became available in the year. Nineteen seventy four. You're kidding I I didn't know wow Texting to make sure that he hears that. No today with the once. The podcast post and it's always fun. I always think to talk to all time greats about other all time greats and get their observations and he talked about Mike Messina retired buster of the all time leader and postseason innings without a world series ring. A distinction now held by Clayton Kershaw but Messina's Era in the postseason of three point. Four two was lower than repay Joe Martinez and Randy Johnson and Jack Morris and Andy Pettitte. He was more clutch than many of his contemporaries that we perceived as such further buster Maecenas metronome. There were eleven seasons in which you qualify for the title with an adjusted the array of one twenty five or higher at least twenty five percent better than the league average. The only other lightbulb pitchers to pull that off or Roger. Clemens Lefty Grove and Greg Maddux just as a fan would you think Messina revealing that? They ran that tape out to left. Centerfield at Camden yards and found the distance where it says three sixty four to be three forty six. I Love I love this story and I love the way a Lotta understanding that he has like. That's the kind of story that I would. If I was telling you I would try to build it up Mike. We see a delivered at just as Mike. Mussina was. He was he was just so himself in. That interview is tremendous and last thing for it today. Jackie Robinson Day when he got there I maintain the opinions. You know that Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier was the most significant event that occurred on American soil during the twentieth century. I think it goes without saying the importance that it had in baseball from eighteen. Eighty seven to the year in which he broke the barrier. Obviously there were no black players in the big leagues. Also I think you could argue that culturally. His impact was Equal to or at least close to that of Martin Luther King Junior so I think he is on a on a pillar with Martin Luther King Junior in terms of what he established culturally and historically by Duke by breaking the color barrier a couple of notes. I'd like to throw in about Jackie Robinson. Some people probably know some people probably don't it was actually Monte Irvin who was shoved choice of the meagerly owners to be the first black player to integrate but he hasn't had wartime obligations in turns out. Obviously fate had it that Jackie Robinson had that distinction. I think we can all agree that work out just fine. Further from nine hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred sixty two buster eleven of fourteen. Mvp's in the National League were African American. That group includes Jackie himself. Includes Roy Campanella Willie Mays Don Newcombe? Hank Aaron Ernie Banks Craig Robinson and Maury Wills. He's very much opened the floodgates and broke down the door for these guys who came in in a rush right away and and and that's been a fourteen years eleven black players on the National League. Mvp and the last thing that I'll say -buster as for as much as he did for as culturally significant as he is. I think sometimes we forget how great baseball player Jackie Robinson was in the ten seasons spanning nineteen forty seven to fifty six the span of his career Stan. Musial was the only player to produce more value by wins above replacement than Jackie Robinson. If he had if he had done nothing culturally or historically significant whatsoever he would be remembered as a much greater ballplayer than he actually is. He was a true superstar for nearly duration of his ten year career. And oh by the way he didn't make his debut until he was twenty eight years old. So maybe we didn't even see the you know the actual Prime Jackie Robinson as opposed to you know in nineteen forty six And maybe at the end of nineteen forty five because he did serve in World War Two Yeah just remarkable player remarkable figure. Can you believe how many people didn't vote form? The yeary came up for the hall of fame. I mean Jim Palmer said about that I feel the same way it just. It boggles the mind when I see that the people who didn't get votes for the hall of fame. If you're building a baseball rushmore there are two prerequisites on that on that. Mount Rushmore Jay Robinson Babe Ruth. Another and we can argue about the other. Two A hundred percent agree about. Thanks for doing this. Cleaner Boys Leisure tweets all ready. Buster bleacher tweets for Wednesdy centigrades. At centigrades writes in that he really enjoyed yesterday's interview with Mike Mussina and he says Moose finally won twenty games in his very last season. What do you remember about him? In his final year. That was different from previous years. Most made reference to the fact that he had to make adjustments throughout his career changing throwing from different arm angles picking different pitches he actually remember specifically as he slowed down the velocity. It was a curve ball. You know. Typically in his prime he'd been if I remember correctly like seventy nine to eighty miles per hour on that curve ball. I can remember times in his last couple years where he was throwing like seventy one seventy two so he. He built up the differential between his fastball. And his off speed pitches. I felt like so that it was effective for him in that last year. Tyler Burnett Rates in at Tyler Burnett Twenty eight. He has an interesting question. Do you know this did Mariano. Rivera get a New Jersey on Jackie Robinson Day. Or did he get to wear his normal one now? He got to wear as normal one on the day that the first Jackie Robinson Day was held which was og April fifteenth in one thousand. Nine hundred seven Bud ceiling basically grandfathered in everybody who wore number forty two to continue to wear their own number forty two. I remember. I was covering the mets butch. Huskey was their third baseman and he got to continue to wear forty two and so did mow got to wear number forty two now. I'm guessing that I don't know this specifically if there was asleep. Patch of some kind. I'm sure they added it to his uniform but it was his uniform interesting. Last one up from Portland Maverick at the battered B.'s. He's putting out a conspiracy theory out there. I'm picking up Taylor's laying down in abundance of Orioles interviews coincidence. I don't think so next will be subjected to the likes of Eddie Murray Brooks Robinson Frank. Robinson Cal ripken wait. That actually sounds awesome. Great Work I don't think it's it's not actually conspiracy theory. I think I've just seeped in your subconscious buster and you're on some level you're like what would Taylor enjoy listening to write? It might have a little bit to do with the fact that these are people I know and I covered the Orioles. I know Mike. Mussina and covered. Billy ripken. Jim Palmer Yeah that probably has something to it but it has been interesting. I thought about that. Have an Oriole pitchers of back to back days? Not Complaining over here all right. That's it for today my thanks to Jim Palmer to Hembo detailer Thanks for listening. Everybody stay safe and on our way out more on Jackie Robinson and in this clip. You'll hear from Jackie from peewee resources. Lucky enough to meet. When I was eleven years old. Eddie Stinky Rachel Robinson from the Rogers Photo archive give in that summer of forty seven. Very Few people knew that pee. Wee Reese Jackie Robinson. We're going to be great teammates. They would become the boys of summer. Jackie Robinson though not embraced by all of his teammates did indeed win them. Over by one. Pee Wee reese another southerner was the first to really embrace you easily from the outset. Felt that if I were the only white guy trying to break in all Black League. I want somebody to be my friend. And he says the Jackie Robinson has with Bill. They can make it. That's all I'm going to have. We had some deep South Boys on real down in Alabama and Georgia. And.

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