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But then the Peruvian immigration officer Sir was like did. y'All get your passport stamps. And we we hadn't so we had to walk back across the border stamped on. Aw and then. We went across the border and we were in Peru so we got six months visa visa stamps. They were just handing out like candy. They were like how long do you want and we were like. I don't know two weeks and they're like here's six months. We actually need two months so it was fine. We didn't need a while but there was like clicked tvos there and so we hopped in and we were like we're finally and Peru. We're doing it. Let's take us to Santa Agnosio. Seo because we were this is still part of the border-crossing like halfway through the border crossing out they're not called collective voice in Peru honey. They're called Columbus. Oh that's right. Yeah the same thing though is just a van full of people taking you to wherever you want based on whatever their number system is it's fine it's great you can go anywhere. You want South America. I really wish that was a thing in like the US so we take off and we're like we swapped the lush jungles and cow. Trees for like farms. Yeah kind of like arid farms because all of Peru's farms are in like valleys of Ecuador's farms are on the sides of mountains right and so it was just blake deserty. Yeah for hours. Yeah actually for the next two months. That's true actually. It's not. There's like the Amazon is on that thing anyway we spent the night at signing Maciel. which is the town? It's a town streets. Yeah and we did like the cool backpacker thing where you just like show up and you find a place and we were like. Oh we've neglected and it worked out great. It didn't work out great here. We just wandered around until we all got really cranky us in our like hostile friend Steve or whoever and we eventually found a really cheap place I think cost us like six dollars a night with no hot water. Why and we had to walk up four flights of stairs but there was a bed and the stairs? Were Super Low. So we had to like squat and walk up the stairs remember remember that like our giant backdrop. Yeah and then the guy that we were we were travelling with. He just bounced first thing in the morning. What the Fuck Simon or possibly mark or John or thought we were friends? I thought we balance. I thought we were friends. Stewart though Oh next we went from the Sun Agnosio to and to Bhagwan Rhonda. I'm just reading off blazes. We went to a bunch of places a bunch of bouncing around a lot more places and the final leg of the LABASA journey was like from Bygone Baghran Day a to touch upon us and charge a place like our destination that was like the that was the final stop. That was that was the beacon at the end of this. All but this collective oh slash Kombi. Ambi- was ridiculous. Do you remember this. I thought I literally thought that this is where we were going to die. Like not their show. They're in China was uncomfortable. But I wasn't like afraid for in life slow but yeah but this guy genuinely was afraid for my life. Okay so I basically they let us out at a little lake. AAC Stop really wanted to get coffee. Whatever it stop doesn't really describe there's a building the building where everybody has decided to stand around and wait for the collective? Oh so were there and you've got a popsicle because I'm an ice cream fiend. And you're sitting next to like that rooster and I took a picture of you like eating a popsicle next to a rooster. Because I was like. Hey that's funny. I didn't think there's anything like different about this rooster. At the time it South America you get used to animals wandering around saying it sounds so much more ominous he just comes up again later. So we were like the clicked finally shows goes up and we all pile into this Colombian this swoops up this rooster which by the way was like a beautiful roussel gorgeous rooster. Yeah look like there is. It's just that we had on my farm growing up. They were decks though. Yeah I grew up on a farm weird flex but this kind of like swoops up this rooster and just steps steps on the on the van. And everybody's just like that checks out and it was. It was kind of weird because there was literally a bag of chickens on the roof. Oh that's right. 'cause they're all squawking in a bag mike and we were like that's really sad. Nobody should maybe not have chickens in a bag on a roof but this guy takes this rooster and put them on his lap and just like pets him. It was kind kind of like doctor. Evil had like that cat. That was like what this rooster was. He was definitely a fighting rooster but he was a prize fighting rooster. Did you not know the name from Mr biggles worth breath. I'm sorry jeeze remember so anyway. We take off and the driver of the Colby was just like he was playing. Mario Kart he was doing the most he was literally passing. Everybody insight like I think at one point we may have raised a plane ensure we did he was like one of those assholes who would like speed up and then like pass somebody and then immediately we slow down just to piss them off because how they'd be in front of him. Don't you mean everybody. In California. He would fit right in in California lanes where a complete joke to him he would cross awesome to the wrong lane to pass every car and then like when there weren't any cars he would just like play chicken with the cars going the other direction by crossing in front of them and then like slowly drifting over the last possible second it was terrifying like the road was his but everybody was just trespassing and so i. We were on a highway through a valley and it was like you know we were definitely going into oncoming traffic a lot but it was it was not so bad but then we hit the mountains and the road turn into this mountain pass where one one side was literally just this sheer rock face and the other side was just this like massive fault is death and that road was terrifying and it was like it was like the world was just challenging him. This dude went faster through this section. Yeah it's like he hit the mountain treacherous mountain pass road and he was like I'm going to really crank this up a notch and then not only did speed up homie pulls out his cell phone and started texting not colleague texting. And so like. Here's the thing. After like four months of backpacking through South America America. We're very used to like being afraid for our lives on buses and we're also very used to being the only gringos on a bus and usually we're the only on the bus that are like the only people people on the bus that are anxious at all no matter how regarding no matter how treacherous the road is but this particular day we were not the only ones that were freaking out. No usually it's like everybody's everybody else's chill so we should be chill. Were just being super white but we were in trouble when we realize that the locals in the van were freaking out and they started yelling and praying begging taking the driver to slow down like. I don't think I've ever been as scared as when the woman next to me started praying and like I wasn't fluid in Spanish at this point but like you're going going to kill US please. Slow down I have children at home is easy to understand any language and I find every reason to be anxious and this was just the peak we were like holding onto the sides. Ads were screaming at the driver. Everybody screaming at the driver. And he's just like on the phone with somebody telling us all to shut up and everybody is freaking out and the one passenger that was totally totally chill was that fucking roster and he was just sitting on his owner's lap getting petted given zero Fox. I wish that roster I wonder if he has an instagram. I aspire to be that rooster every day and then finally after thirty four hours of of travel after leaving vehicle Bomba in Ecuador crossing all the way over the border to parole the end of our two day border-crossing journey was over and here. We were in head to yes Peru. The land of Llamas lost kittens are most expensive disaster today God Babes Boilers also. You're wrong second. Most expensive disaster to date. I disagree with you no seriously look it up anyway. You're going to have to tune in next time to hear that part of our ridiculous disastrous honeymoon earlier. We said that this is going to be a two episode series series but I. I don't think we can get it done to believe in us. Have you met us. Who'd have faith in us well tune in next time? Bye the.

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