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But he can't change vaguely the point of view, but proposing point of view, which are mind, I made it feel my remember short film. Moved in Paris at the time was unin bamboo people, and I made a beautiful documentary film them, you know, and at the time shows remain the music, and it's twenty minutes film about. People don't think they exist. They look like the trying some sick some blind population exist, I was pregnant at the time. And I had the feeling very strong that I was trying to give life to somebody. That was a hooped how good of she would have a good life, and I was surrounded by people that is so bad so difficult. So at one thought in my mind is that what is people they have in babies and at one point have been taking care that been kissed. It's just heavily nation. And when you see them. It has been a baby some point has been biggie. Loved taken care of given food and her life destroyed the military by Liel. You talk about building bridges. I was going to ask your little bit about labels about Nevada about love gauche about the the movements that you apart of you, the people in cinema like to use these labels. I'm sure they wanna put one round your neck, and yes, but it seems that you're not interested in even when I talk about heroism, you you deny that world have been called the grandmother of the new wave in the NSA. I'm so old. I am the dinosaur now of the new wave, you know, maybe. Gotta be on the debt. Yeah. I'm on the hope that has been cooled over. But that was a movement that had a strong political, and intellectual and creative kind of framework about it's not that movement that there was a group of the cinema. They were fin kids six, and they love them Eric film. The love the thing, and they became filmmaker. But the where different people I wasn't my side eleven it was different kiss. Marquette was the me was I never wrote critics. I didn't go to the cinema. I wouldn't go in the cafe and just Cosima with them at all. We're Jack, Jack the me we live together. And we were very friendly with good that an carrina at that time. We spend holidays together, and it wasn't incredible inventive man straight. And sometimes I liked him very much. So it's interesting that. Ten years later, somebody call that luvell. So the put us all together to say, you are woman in the new value. Okay. Yes. Actually, I didn't want to instill myself as a woman among men for me. But as decal filmmaker also being woman, very different being a women make any difference it. I wonder suggested makes a difference to how you look at things. Do you think it makes a difference to what you point your camera out and for how long I wonder? I took pictures foot two, and I filled. An I at the beginning. I was filming myself because we have thirty five minute. A camera. I wouldn't touch it. You know, I would beg the frame. Always choose the frame discuss with the that's the prima wish to, but I was not acting myself. But that's a point of view. You have becomes your side in a way. Here's by creating my first film was such a handicap finish, not not at all, not Connecticut. Very in a way shocking the wheel showing cinema. So I am still myself as new cinema, and then I was captured again by the new because seven years later because it producer couldn't Seborga ask the meat the meat learner and say would you like to join the club in essay? And now, I wrote a. Story happening between the knees and said colored and at some point it was about to produce it with Gallo Pontius too expensive. You have to do something cheaper. That's how I hope clear from five to seven..

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