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Good Thursday morning y'all welcome in the Jason Beam Horse podcast brought to you by twin spires happen to be with you here on this. Thursday. It's horse play Thursday. Our interview is not very horse player centric, but part of the show is because I have some topics and things I want to discuss a little bit later on I think what we'll do is get to the interview a little bit earlier the interview is with well. Sort of my boss give me he's I. Guess He's My boss Travis bores Ma going to join us. He is the founder of Dutch pros coffee which a lot of you out here on the west coast or not. But he's also the principle of tm be racing, which owns and operates grants pass downs where I am currently announcing for the next three weeks till our fall season ends but. Travis is very interesting guy who's built an incredible business and I think is building a a really cool business with with grants pass downs. I'm very excited to be part of this team and to kind of see the the growth you're going to a little bit of PR. For one of my projects today but I really think you'll enjoy the conversation and You know I'm just I'm I'm excited about what they're building and I'm excited to be a part of it last year was the first commercial meet here because for years grants pass was a fair and it was just like a three week stop on the Oregon Fair. Circuit and Portland Meadows was the main commercial track in the wintertime. And so in Portland closed, we'll talk about this with Travis You know he he bought the commercial license and now they operate a commercial meat. I think we're GONNA do. What do we do at sixteen plus ten third almost thirty days? This year there was a key. There was a month of cancellations because of Covid and then a week of cancellations in the fall 'cause of the wildfire smoke but I think the the goals to be a thirty six to forty day. You know season between to meet and then have the Oregon. Fares run in the summertime and so You know last year I was looking at the Monday handle from this week last year was eighty, six thousand and we did four, hundred forty. Yesterday. So definitely trending in the right direction and you know part of that is improving the broadcast signal Pegasus. TV who does Santa Anita and Golden Gate there now our our TV crew and distributor. There's still thing a lot of stuff to work on, but the place looks great and We're having pretty good size fields and I think competitive racing. So I'm I'm really excited to talk about it. You know I try not to beat your guy but you guys over the head with with any of the projects that I do when I go out race calling I'll talk about you know stories that things that happened something happened the other night. My I use a wireless headset, and so you know it's great because I can you know if I need run downstairs and do something can always have my headset with me and make an announcement? You know. To be frank, the bathrooms are there's no bathrooms in the press box I gotta run downstairs sometimes between races but. My headset started making this terrible screeching noise and so the sound guy zero he comes upstairs and he's like what's going on I'm like I've you tell me Paul you're. The sound guy. And so he has to. Replace the thing and he gives me a handheld mic. I've been announced exits two thousand and six, and I've never had to use a hand held Mike and I know back in the old days. That's kind of did it in fact I remember seeing A. Video of Gary Hinson lawmakers he actually had the MIC taped on the barrel of his binoculars and. The gentleman who who calls Dubai, Craig. Evans even text Amis like just tape it to the barrels of the but Aquinas made my I don't any tape up here and it's a big hand held wireless mic. So I kind of rigged a little system to. To set up where my program was being weighted down by the Mike Stand on the ledge. So I didn't have to hold my program kept binoculars on my right hand on their tripod and the microphone in my left hand and it's it worked okay and the thing that was frustrated I certainly would rather have a headphone. Headsets it's just way more easy but this particular Mike sounded way better on the speakers. Some curious to go back and listen to replace part of me was like God that sounded really good from just audio standpoint. It's sad teeny and just smoother and a little more deeper and baritone like this. You'RE SM seven beat us on the podcast. But you know. One of the beautiful things about working in racing in my job is that there's just you never know can today's to do and there's going to be bad stuff and there's going to be great stuff finish can be crazy stuff that happens we had a bad spill on on Monday night and thank goodness both horses ended up being okay I did not think immediately that that was going to be the case and both riders really came out. Okay. Joyce scribner who was leading writer had a concussion and actually I. Guess it's concussion. Is there a small concussion? They made it sound like she was doing good. So I guess maybe that's why I labeled it that way. But you know and and sore and the writer Mackenzie King Tweeter Ankle, but not broken or anything. So I've been doing this a long time and you just never get used to that and it's still. During there during the race I remember looking back. To see how the writers were doing enjoy was still on the ground you know it was a sixteenth past the wire. And so you know but she really wasn't moving at the time and and. I remember. Somebody told me I forget who they said. You know when you're caller when there's a spill or something like that like you don't really have much time. To go back and kind of see how everybody's doing because you know the race continues on but as a just a human and someone who's hoping everything is okay like you can't help but not see what's going on and so. It was a scary scary moment there for a second. You know with half mile track. Sometimes you're going to have a tighter spots in sharp turns and all that kind of stuff and every once in a while, folks are just going to get put in a in a tough spot. So but so thankful that everybody was was okay. After that, you know our surface I think is really fantastic to train on and and safe and. We've just been. Fortunate I think with with goodluck goes as far as all that stuff is concerned this far, and hopefully, we can continue with that and like I, said. Scary moment. But glad everything turned out. Okay. Well, let's let's do the interview Travis now and we'll come back a little later on and like I said I wanNA talk about some handicapping horse playing stuff start looking ahead a little bit to the weekend jury. Of course, will be here. Tomorrow we'll have our full weekend preview. Here on the racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. Twin spires not only offers the best way to play the racist from your desktop or mobile device, but we also have. For our players visit twin spires, dot com slash offers.

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