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And it was the first time that that regime that organization have been in the playoffs so we didn't kind of know what it was to feel like. Um, to be Oh, T O lose and what it was about how big was to be the world's Syriza. And it was. It was kind of gun retching and Tony and and Tommy had just a really competitive battle. He will tell you And I'm not sure about much admiration. But I know later in life. These last number 20 years because I was with him at the same time is they really did have a nice friendship. I thought of them right away. I thought of you and I got a crew co. And I thought I also reached out to Reggie. But Tony's gonna join us that 11 15 12 15, Arizona time. And he just said Great man on and off the field, looking forward to talking about him and sharing stories. So, Tony obviously, you know, as we get older, we forget the younger rivalries. But you were telling me today. About this, Or is it 8000 photograph coffee table book that Michael Milken has on Tommy Lasorda. So is this going to be available to the public and the timing of it is amazing. Now with his passing today, or do you say that and it was so timely? The first text I got my phone's been blowing up. You would guess was from you. And just yesterday we were going through this, uh, coffee table book that, um there was 1000 photos that are photographer who traveled with us. For those 15 20 years, he decided that he wanted with Tony be in the hospital. I've been talking to Eric Harris about getting it to him it and it was basically just know they were gonna print just one book, Greg. That was it. Maybe maybe now it might be worth while doing it. And I went through with a photographer to try to identify someone names just yesterday, and one of them was. We're identifying when you were sitting with Tommy with Bruce Jenkins to his left and yours to the right and you were out in the congress that believe doing a pre game with Tommy and talk to him. I just said your name and then the first text I get this morning, which for you, so it's so timely. Um yeah, Maybe. Maybe. In fact, Michael still has a tragically. What happened is we wanted to get it to Tommy before he died. Um, and there was actually Michael's brain. He's got 12 brains and how he operates. He went to the whole thing created by plates line by line the last couple days, and then he kind of held it up, and we did get it to him before he passed. Um we thought we'd get it. Eric Karros. Come. Eric told me he'd get delivered now that he was home. Couldn't get him to the hospital. So I'm gonna make sure you get a chance to see it. But maybe maybe that's something that we should turn into a An item that people can buy. I don't know. I know A lot of Dodger fans would love seeing it, but it had all his the history of years of when we traveled with owners and with ambassadors and with Hall of Famer is and mascots and fans and military people was really, really, really Treasure for people who've been part of that. Dave. Thank you so much Great inside. It's a lot of fun. It's a sad day like you said, But he lived 93 pretty good years, said what he wanted to eat when he wanted and stay with the Dodgers to 67 years. That's a pretty good life. Well said Thank you much, and thanks. Greg is wonderful. Connect with this morning. Yeah. I love your brother. So just give us a little thought. Because we're all thinking about this. You've got vaccinated this morning about 9 51. You're ready to throw 21. I got vaccinated. You go. Sure. I'm good. How are you feeling? I was the whole process. Well, I got it out of my left arm. But you know that 68 years old. I don't think I'm gonna be. I've talked to Sandy at the Mets is here If you need anyone people because they have a couple more pieces they need but they have money. Am I left on the ship? Right? But I'm ahead of an organization called Bread and Roses now still doing stuff with the prostate cancer fan action on the side of my desk, but Actually with the MBA as I told you, But we were deemed is essential people because we go into places and bring music now involved with music and music. Then what a great life music and sports s O all the staff got an opportunity to do that this morning, so It went so well machine. It was pretty amazing, So I just really feel grateful to have that opportunity. Oh, be able to get it so Get vaccinated when you can. Awesome question without emotion today. Thank you, brother. Thank you much appreciated. Take care. There you go, Dave Parent, All right. We'll flip from Tommy Lasorda talking. If you missed it, he's passed away at the age of 93. We'll get back into that conversation with Tony LaRussa at about 11 15. We're gonna flip to the super wild card weekend. Great Go cells going to join us coming up next and included in the conversation. The all pros have been announced, and there's a 40 Niner on the list. Well, that's great about it. Next time we hear on the SportsCenter You were listening to Papa and Lund on both sides of the dialogue. KNBR 1045 FM and 6 80 A M. These sports were Children. Auto body traffic.

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