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On the fives from the wjr weather center and turkey here for a couple of days as we might get some freezing drizzle freezing rain late tonight early tomorrow clouds clear sky this morning clouds on later 35 tonight 23 fog and freezing drizzle areas of fog tomorrow morning and some freezing rain early arenal tapered rain showers tomorrow afternoon with a high of forty four from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich newstalk seven sixty wjr navid rain tomorrow carrying into thursday at least best guess now even snow by weekend much better drive than yesterday but still some patchy fog and patchy ice with twenty seven degrees at seven twenty eight on this tuesday morning edition of the paul w smith show on wjr we heard earlier from governor brian mcallister about the ah one point five billion annual tax increase for michigan residents if they don't do something about it because of the recent federal tax reform package well of the lieutenant governor and the governor are doing something about it i think i believe our attorney general bill schutte has had some comments about that as well and there's also going to be some mathau on hold meetings that to lieutenant governor and the other two candidates those three kinda a going up against the attorney general who pierce should be the leader bill schutte we'll ask him about that as well coming up at seven thirty seven here on this tuesday morning edition of the program now i love to drive so i i i can see myself you never know i met so many nice drivers at metro cars who knows it might be a great to a profession being a professional driver getting to do what you love to do the drivers i meet when i travel with.

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