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A softball a skateboarder lobster and a bagel more people in indiana are now eligible cheaper ticipant in a nutrition program officials say meals on wheels of central indiana we'll be expanding its services to deliver food to people living with hiv more than twenty five hundred people who are hiv positive or receive hotter frozen meals with the help of a one million dollar health department grant health officials say people outside or the central indiana region can get frozen meals shift directly to them residents will also work with coordinators who can consult with their physicians just to make sure the meals meet their needs keith johnson newsradio one zero five point nine fm nasa reportedly talking to several companies about taking over operations of the international space station and running it as a commercial space lab the talks were disclosed in the washington post report published this morning the white house touched off debate earlier this year when it said plan to end direct government funding of the station in twenty five a woman is being treated for a severe facial wound after a vape pen accident at business near rockford police say the woman went to the vapor shop in hasni park for new battery yesterday afternoon she plays the cigarette in her mouth after it was changed and began to puff when it exploded injuring her and setting the nearby desk on fire there's no word on her condition the store isn't commenting on the incident bruins starbucks len walter has the story coming up for your thought for the day it comes from dwight d eisenhower who once said you don't lead by hitting people over the head that's salt not leadership you'll always find your thought for the day on twitter at felicia connects wbz news.

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