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Welcome to the witnessing history education foundation podcast educating Americans to understand the history of their country and of other countries. So that they will appreciate the value of America's unique free institutions become an American hero. Who participates in our mission by joining us at witnessing history dot ORG. Download our documentaries and free teacher education materials that conform to grade level education standards at PBS learning media dot ORG, follow witnessing history on Facebook, Twitter and linked in today. Our guest is witnessing history education foundation's president can't master sim Brown. He is here to provide us with the story behind the country's second oldest and the largest civil war roundtable the Kentucky. So. Civil war. Roundtable Ken is the current president of the Kentucky civil around table, which meets five times per year over dinner with guest speakers who travel from all over the country to appear before are the membership of about three hundred eighty people. The meetings are held at the embassy suites on Newtown pike for more information, go to the website at Kyi, civil war, roundtable dot ORG. Now, let's listen to a short excerpt of the recording from the October nineteen fifty to address of attorney in Lincoln scholar. William H Townsend of Lexington Kentucky appearing before the Chicago, civil war roundtable, discussing Kentucky legend caches Marcellus lay. Have to pray shun had one, Sean. Brutus clay who you know, rose fell and such. I'm at a curry enough for one time when I was writing drive down over visit deal. And as he stood framed in the doorway arm or gray Jaakko. Away. The myself that the old line would never be dead knowledge. His son. And I had a very pleasant time with it. Too many pictures air e-even book, I assure you that I wanted all controversial question. I continue to do that matter of fact until one time. Morning 'cause Hamburg and. Share with adverse? Leks? Are they coming to Lexington? Car called me up to be at the day out. I feel sure that he needed this from Kentucky tavern. What I was at. Then all sad that now are you going to write the light of cases invade? If you don't go to write it. And. What are we going to name going to call it? They Magnussen bladder sky. That. General got any sudden in? But he's got a daughter is lower. Live in that she retaliated heavily on that. Live with regret big woman trapped ya'll and one time in a democratic state convention. I heard her make us beach at made the delegates tab that go ahead. The lie. I did was I haven't either over the register. I've alleged ties together you live together. Make in that. I can't protect the writer, and I got time to do it. Let me all right. Tell Nick Lara when I see. So I went up Steve as I am to do that before. Spoke back quickly advantage. He had nobody. But a Kentucky. Good, dan. My father. And I'm all right for me to write alive. General quite. I did you have to go into great mundane that were controversial during his life and unpleasant the families that just record ball and his wife Mary ship. All right.

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