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She's saying. Please please please help me come at me or she's not you don't even speak out man and seeks us. Well no senior eighteen eighty. Please someone calm. The others case killed them curious. Kill them mm all. It was good sixteen years sixteen years at five months. That's what the hell are you talking about. The rations distressed leave. Hope of i made the if the counter strike. It's been playing over and over sixteen years. Someone else stranded here. Maybe they came for someone. Came is still play mm-hmm. I like punch in the mouth to the closing credits noise right and throw sand in your face at the same time for good measure classic. I mean this is eh. It's just so game changing in so many ways he's had so many things thrown our way over the course of these two episodes between the hash between the monster the now not only do you find out when they're thinking they're on the precipice of rescue not only is there someone else possibly on the island but this is someone who has been broadcast a message for celebrating essentially the message is celebrating its sweet sixteen right now saying basically the other people that i'm with our dead ed the security system whatever killed it so they are in much more danger than they thought they were on top of any chance of rescue becoming mkx very ni- as they're about to broach in the next episode yes so it ends on that intense level of dread and mystery and literally well you know summed up in charlie's very famous line of guys. Oh a but it's also great character moments that urgency of it shannon a. and being forced like she volunteered earthless. You know she volunteered for the track and this is like put up or shut up time and like at first release too scared to do it and then that's like push. Come under shove time. It's like you got to speak french. You have to do something here and she does a great job and even boone her biggest detractor once like the gravity of what he's hearing is settling in he even he is able to allow cajal shannon. You got that did a good job saieed. Is there silently doing crazy maf- half in his in his brain just showing off his intelligence <hes> sawyer still being an asshole even through all of that but eventually even this big talker and james sawyer ford is forced to shut up because what they're hearing is insane and berry very bad an pretentious attention for for their odds on the island. If it's true that somebody has been here for more than sixteen years that is awful. That's like the worst news so it's just it's such a killer note to close out the pilot on like you said there's already so much that happens over the course of these two hours of loss these first two hours of lost but to end in this this way for me like i remember watching that episode being like yeah. I'm not going back to me. That's just not happening for me so oh and also the voice not obviously not russo's voice but the guy who the automated voice repeating the iterations is that our pal lloyd braun. I wonder what's on guide so i'm assuming that they started double debt with lloyd here. Yeah i wouldn't be surprised i'm not i don't know for sure but we get we get <hes> we get. We get the ben behind the curtain. If you could look into that for us we would love to get that detail. It sounds like it's just such a great any such a great ending and i think it appropriate ending for for the segment of this. I recap podcast here on down the hatch which is a well past. The point of crisis isis at this point where we are just going deeper down the hat again. There's a ton that we want to set up here right at the top of this journey before we push in deeper to the podcast. Let's take a moment to thank our sponsors for this episode of down the hatch. Mike does our friends at amazon originals and the new series carnival row. That's coming to the streaming service on august thirtieth. Mike is carnival row on your radar. I've heard a bit about it does start my cousin orlando bloom also a man who is very to dominic monaghan a loss cast member you serve in a different band of gentlemen mm-hmm and once upon a time together. Yes orlando bloom is starring in a new fantasy a world. This is carnival row. It's a one hour fantasy drama series. Orlando bloom is starring azziz kara dale levin the series is set in a victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures whose exotic homelands were invaded by the empires of man they struggle to coexist with humans forbidden to live love or fly with freedom orlando bloom. Mike's cousin plays ride reich croft phyllis straight also known as billow a police inspector investigating a string of gruesome murders threatening the uneasy peace of the row macara day levin who is not related to either of us plays vignette stone moss a fairy refugee who flees her war torn homeland to come to the burgh where she must contend not only with rampant human prejudice against her kind but with the secrets that have followed her to this new sounds like she wouldn't get along with sawyer would be would be my guess mike yeah i would say that i mean i don't know maybe sometimes opposites attract you know he was able to find juliet. Maybe he was able to find his own his own soul mate in vignette depending on when they got candy from vending machine and a future yes but even in darkness in the world of carnival double row hope lives as this human detective and ferry rekindled their dangerous fair despite an increasingly intolerant society so come together other an august thirtieth when carnival row hits amazon prime video. That's labor day weekend dropping in its entirety checkout carnival row <hes> mike. Let's get into some feedback here. We got a lot of it and we have made it now over two hours into the podcast without patting ourselves on the back to too much but the the fifteen sixteen other section which we dedicate to feedback and i think just off the off the top. The first thing we have is other number one is holy crap. It's a lot of people listening to this podcast team. I hope they're still listening to it. At this point that we're not so dumb that people have decided that wasn't worthy investment but i mean we are positively away overwhelmed by the amount of support that we have gotten you. Whoa josh and i came up with this idea. We obviously have sort of an echo chamber of people who love loss just like us but we had no idea who be going down the hatch with us and it turns is out so many of you have voiced your sent for going down the hatch with us. Some of you have done it many many times before some of you. It's the first time you're going back since the way the series ended no matter or what it is whether it's seventeen thousand three hundred fifty two or two we are so so incredibly happy that you'll be joining us and hopefully awful. You'll keep joining us through everything. We're talking about. What the show obviously if you're listening to us talk for hours about two hours of show you know oh how much we absolutely love this and really just reflected to me josh how much the show even nearly a decade after this episode aired has such a profound effect on people not only with television tastes but also coming together as well as tv viewers. It's almost like we were alone. Running around the tv landscape trying trying to find that new show and it was the plane crash of oceanic flight eight fifteen that brought us all together to watch this group of survivors. Try to make their way through this very confusing maze time after time. It's just crazy. I mean i've covered. I've covered some very big shows on post. Show recaps the pass game of thrones west road walking dead <hes> a- and there's a lot of shows that like we've done poster recaps allow podcast. I'm deeply deeply proud of and put a ton of work into and loved that feedback doc relationship that we enjoyed on those shows but i'm really struggling to think of a podcast that we've launched since the birth of push a recast back in twenty fourteen that landed with sort of the level of impact that this one did like as soon as we dropped down. The hatch like the immediate response from people was really really exciting. We've heard from so many people people who've expressed their own personal stories with lost in what it has meant to them as they've worked through grief in their own lives or just the milestones said it's guided them through relationships that it's helped them build people who who have written in offering their help like so many people that like we we can't accept all of your help because it's just it's just impossible. It's so touching there've been other podcasts who've been really kind in the law space who've of welcomed us into that world joanne robinson of the storm had a really nice tweet about us when we launched the folks over at previously on loss which is at lost rewatch pod on twitter. They shouted us out as well. We've heard from people from as far away from us in new york as new zealand. There's people in britain people in germany people people all over the world most people who have familiarity with lost already a few people who do not and we have we've cautioned those people people that this is probably not the podcast for you but there are some people out there like the amazing sammy kappel who is and incredible artists who does this great work in the survivor space survivor fan and if you're listening to this good chance that you are as she wrote us podcast listened to if i haven't watched much of lost but they don't mind spoilers and i'd be interested in just like getting a little bit of like a taste of what losses about like if that's you and you're this far into two ars and change into the podcast obviously. I think that this is a place for you this. This is how you want to experience lost. It's not like the way that i would recommend it but we're trying to do this with you in mind as well but we just have so many people have so many different appetites in so many different interest levels in the show who are reaching out to us that we are. I i mean i think we're in a pretty dangerous situation where we are at risk of triggering the one hundred eight minute crisis basically every single week we will probably have to revisit those terms at a certain point because our feedback sections are always going to be very robust. I think yeah again which is great. I love that people are thinking about this on the the same complicated hurley bird's eye view that we are again. It means that we're all in this together though yes unfortunately unfortunately the carlton listen and they didn't extend the numbers past one away. We might have to come up with a new set of numbers because otherwise frozen donkey wheel is going to get hot real quick from the number of times. We're turning it. We will adjust on the fly. If we have this podcast much like the smoke monster may morph the further down the hatch we go we have laid out the blueprint on the blast or map of what it is. We want to do here but just by necessity of this this maybe bigger than we realized. There are things that we may have to adjust on the fly. This is the definition of what did you call this before a problem. This is a very nice problem to have. We got so many really nice letters from people that we can't we can't read them all but we have a lot of letters that like on our worst days where life has has chewed us up at spat us out into a tree we like the smoke monster and the pilot we can turn to some of the really nice things that you have written into us validating for for the work that we do and we just appreciate so much just shout out. Some of the people who've written in daniel no last name alex jared mounts who said nice things about my cat my cat's waiting for being a church in in the afterlife which i'm a as a jew i feel like what am i going to be doing there but i'll go part. Is there jeff bamberger ak the hashtag mug bobby morass a <hes> gale grant lots of really nice people writing in with really nice messages so just <hes> i other off the board to you and everybody else that we're gonna talk.

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