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The name of the book is gettysburg eddie the story of any plank lawrence nice to have you with us today thank you for having me on my pleasure oh yeah we're glad to have you you know the inspiration of course the great eddie plank was one of the hall of fame lefthanders part of the since we have the phillies here today there was a team once called the philadelphia as and certainly eddie plank was a big part of it why why did you become interested in in the eddie plank story but i kind of came about it in a roundabout way i was writing a book about karl the pitcher the as it was the youngest player in america in american league history and when researching kim came across the old philadelphia became more interested in them and discovered that nobody had ever written a biography about eddie plank the hall of famer and i was like the guy was a he went over three hundred games he's the winningest pitcher in philadelphia history and i believe also the winningest pitcher in the as franchise history so somebody had to do it and born in gettysburg pennsylvania and and of course when we talk about players who played you know in the early part of the nineteen hundreds you know the civil war is sort of in the background than you know it seems like it's ancient history but it's not that many years ago and he grew up in a farm he was a late bloomer and it was a local star in gettysburg and of course i always think of the gettysburg address and things like that so mad at any any fit into the terrain of gettysburg you know what's interesting about it is is how he was sort of forgotten by just about everybody a few of the townspeople there is a restaurant to this day that is named gettysburg eddie and you can go in there and see lots of the old photos but when he was alive he was very much a part of the town was the most famous citizen was well loved well liked and he never forgot his roots it's just it seemed like after the family a few years after he was gone the family was very quiet about his past and he just didn't have the notoriety anymore tell us a little bit about the.

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