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I gotta say that was very sweet of you. To for furiously apologize to the facebook stream people during the break seem when I was stunned upping Fritz. No. Your thumbs up the facebook people and that was very nice of you and you felt bad about what you had done just unser omonia stopping the video somebody commented on the new video probably three people. Thursday. Now, there's a handful people on and. Said for C. Lane and it was a Youtube Video Charlie. Brown failure. The whole time during the breaks why would they put the comment next to the end? There's no con- There's no common button just supposed to hit enter there's no button and I hit the button to comment and chain button yeah. Like a normal chat. Tough time tough time to be alive. He's got things going on with. The feedback from facebook. They sent me this this. This I'm a failure thing Charlie, Brown Turn. It doesn't like you. Dancing around me just look so. It's fair. Fair Fair criticism. Well. We wished to happy birthday to Miss Gertie. ABC is this week it was our one hundred and eighth a bird. Sabrina winning one of the Halftime Games on the show was the person who got to write the one hundred eighth birthday card. The message and it was a bit much it had an adorable heart with half me on half the heart and half Gertie on the other half the heart and it looked like we actually went summer together you put it in there. Yeah Yeah. Yeah totally. Yeah. The only thing I did the only thing I'd change was. Right before Courtney put the stamp on it because you wanNA sign it and I go. Okay. So I just signed the card. Swear swear. Every, Monday. Didn't touch anything at all. This is what went to one hundred and eight year old Gertie said dearest Gertie my name is Shawn. Watson. And I have a bit of a confession to make I. Think I love you. When I saw your picture on the worldwide Web I just knew they would take my heart and run. Some people want diamond rings. Some just want everything, but everything means nothing. If I ain't got you songs, I, want to stand with the mountain. I want to be with you in the savage garden's I wanna lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on me. I'll stop the world and melt with you. And I will always love you. This I promise you. Happy Birthday. I can't wait to be under you. That's the weirdest part of the whole. I. Can't wait to be under there's no casual explanation yours forever like if I walk up to a random person on the street and like Hey, I can't wait to be under you I'm getting slapped fewer. There's no. Probably. You can't explain yourself out of that. When you say I can't wait to be under you. Hit. And it ends up. reasonable. Hit I. THINK IF I was smacked after saying okay. All right, fair enough that in consider what I was sang and you and you're right about this while she got her birthday cards. Quick guests ahead of time here before I tell you the results of all of this Gertie ABC is for one hundred eighth birthday wanted one, hundred, eight cards. How many birthday cards do you think all Gertie Got Sabrina? I don't always have to go I because you're right here and closer we go around the same way every time. So everybody gets familiar with it. Saint Gertie got. One hundred eight, thousand, one, hundred, and eight, thousand cards. It's a high number that's I guess are you going that high ceiling? I am actually going to withdraw myself from contention. You know about this already look how many cards do you think Gertie God's for being on Hank? She got thirty eight thirty. be so sad. She wanted for a one hundred, birthday one, hundred and eight cards, and she only got thirty. One of them says I want to be. One of Fritz guess what you're still the winner one of them when you open the car plays that Charlie, Brown song to Gertie. So she just has to deal with it. You'll never do anything right and then she considers her end days. In this case. You're all wrong but as Fritz definitely, the closest because Sabrina guests was so high Gertie got more than four hundred card. That's been for one hundred eighth birthday including the one for me the Denver woman celebrated her one hundred eighth rotation around the sun on Tuesday and she made a rather unique requests to get one hundred birthday cards delivered to her mailbox and hundreds of people hurt her request loud and clear. As of this week, she received over four hundred cards delivered by the Postman and they continue to arrive breaking news dirty paper cutting. Oh, God. Is Dog with nine news about her life philosophy and it's simple. She says Oh Gertie says I believe you shouldn't get into hate treat everyone the same in love everyone I love all people so easy Gertie. Say what she was born Howard Taft was the president of the United States and suffragettes were picketing for the women's right to vote movement. That's what she was born. She was born four months after the titanic sank and survive to pandemics including the Spanish flu and the current Covid nineteen panic counting the chickens before. She grew up in Iowa working at her father's. Let's get all the news crew in definitely. Matic, everybody in the rope. Spitting dirty mouth for. Her husband Leonard at the end of the depression, they pack their bags and headed to Denver Nineteen, forty, two family and friends says she puts the great in the greatest generation of world. She's now a resident of Denver's Claremont Park Life planned community and you'll fears the plan you've fighter cheering out her favorite team, the Denver, Broncos so I'm still waiting for response back from Gertie Better? Return. Yeah put the address on there. Just in case she wants to respond, and if we get that back I'll certainly will read it to everybody on on the show. The other thing that I did that was real dark. Real now what you've added something to know I. didn't I WanNa make the card any worse than it was already was it was a beautiful letter yes but it's GonNa Weird Out Gertie especially the photo of her and I together I. Think maybe she has a family member that's opening all these in reading them to her she's like Gertie grandma better sit down for this you're gonNA like this one. I set up Google alert for Gertie Man. That's going to happen. It's wrong with us just set up. Gertie he's dead. Got Google alert just. Be In there is it not I think passed away they probably dies pass away. I just put Gertie ABC keys, but we'll we'll get the alert. For Yourself? No. No. I'm not going to get it anyways. You'll make the news. Just in general or for me if I die. I get. Yeah. Actually scratch everything said who else do you have Google alerts? It's GonNa die have Google alerts for myself. And mostly, I just get weekly emails about this stupid pastor named Shawn Watson who is like always writing something about masks or trump or you did or I think he might coach a football team or something I? That's Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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