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BB guns and a nine millimeter commander and of course. I'm your host Chad Wallace in with me tonight is Taco Tony. Because it's Tuesday like what are you talking about and now I WANNA talk. Oh you're welcome so you know I'm going to go to you first because you did more in firearms than I did what. I didn't firearms this week. I went to DC for the to a rally. That's what I did went out there decided Friday that I was going to drive because plans. We didn't go through like we wanted So it's like okay. I'm driving down. DC on Friday. Got Their one o'clock in the morning check into a hotel and first thing Saturday morning woke up and went ahead and had breakfast. Would Kevin Dixie and Carey Sloan of we the female. If you guys don't know her she's doing awesome work. Check out what they do She is once three Helping women empowering them in her whole thing is about domestic violence and empowering women and all that kind of stuff awesome but we had dinner with her. I mean excuse me breakfast with her and a bunch of the people that follow her want to be to a activist they came out and then the heavy hitters showed up like Cheryl todd from gun freedom radio and Tim night from the Republic podcast. I can't do it like she does does. This won't even try So Tim night came out former NRA Border Director he frigging bounced NRA and started his own thing. He also also due to recalled started the effort to recall two Colorado senators when they pass their fifteen round magazine limitation and who else Kids Foundation I think the name of the organization has kids safe kids safe foundation. Who just got into all the CABELA's and all all of the frigging bass pro shops in America? Yeah so people. People in Oregon are pushing stuff too. Yeah he's he lives just forty-five minutes down south for me so he's cool is everything and we finally got to meet. So I mean there's a lot of people doing a lot of cool things And it was just a bunch of heavy hitters. This showed up so I was. I was really blessed to be there. And then we walked the mile to the frigate Capitol grounds where they tried to kill me. I'm like dude. I'm significantly of wait. What is wrong with you? Well as long as they brought the skittles as should be fine. You know concern on me because I almost died while you're talking about diet again because you had to walk a mile but now I just made a joke out of it but it was like a mile we walk through. We started to think it was a lotta good speakers there LOT OF MASON PEOPLE JERSEY. There's represented big time like a lot of people from Jersey. Drove down to be in attendance on to be on stage Go to Breitbart. Breitbart has the entire thing or if you can go to. Simon says Somerset's trained. What's the name on adding page the secondary wife seconds for everyone on facebook? I have the direct link to break or if your friends were meet Tony. Simon I have the direct link to bright art. And you can watch the entire thing. It's worth watching Lot of good speeches Gabby Franko. Oh Dang near had me crying because she broke down about how determined she is not till allow America to become famous wailer My story came in tow it up. Kevin Dixie tore it up. I mean those just off the top of my head because I was able to hear those a lot of it was network a lot of meeting a bunch of people from a bunch of different places. Man I mean it was just hard core second amendment advocates out. There and I was proud to be a part of it. So that's what I did. Did I talk about Building this Ruge ten twenty two. uh-huh not not yet you did. Oh Yeah Oh you well you showed it last week just for does I didn't do anything with it because I have have to pick up some ten round magazine. I was really busy doing other stuff prepping for this trip out to DC The next day I met everybody not there. I met ten for military arms channel again and we talked for a while. Eric from Iraqi veteran. Eighty Eight Who Else Oh Heller from DC versus Heller to that guy is the coolest guy out there and makes no big deal about what he did even though everybody was go. Oh my God you're Heller. He's what you know what I mean. I mean he did what he had to do Just a lot of really cool. People like Reverend Ken Blanchard. WHO's one of the reasons I'm in second remember advocacy is because And just a lot of friends of mine at this point because the work we've done so I don't have a ton of pictures which sucks because because it's like when you're hanging out with your friends as a dude you don't really take a bunch of photos and I had to change my attitude about that mainly because people get excited all all social media stuff like that and it gives you a bunch of content which I don't like stand my friends this content but the second amendment thing in a rally was content a lot of people talk negatively about it. And I'm like do. There is no national level bill out there. There's no big thing to fight. There were no oh big money. Organization's behind it or taken credit for it Like they did that on purpose. Just so people say. Oh that guy's involved. I don't want to be involved oft it was about being actual grass roots and seeing what you can put together. I think it was successful. But Hey if you didn't come and you say it wasn't successful didn't Kinda Kinda SORTA if you didn't make the effort to get there. You didn't make an effort to make it a success so look at that hour you want But I thought it was amazing. Oh the next day day ahead breakfast on Sunday with Kevin Dixie This guy named Captain Peterson that helps kids from underprivileged homes and jacked up situations -Tuation. He actually takes them out deep. Sea Fishing Eric from Iraqi veteran and Ballistic Inc the T shirt company. Makes all the t shirts for Eric. Now Kevin winn-dixie and Jenna Hutchinson from clear chamber. All of us have breakfast together and it turned into a pretty much two and a half hour second amendment discussion so it it was just a great weekend of networking and getting together and also new generations. The Second Amendment advocates came from California on your Colorado. They'd never done anything. And we're interested in starting their own groups starting movements where they're from so I saw the people that showed up is pretty much hard hard. Core Cadre of Second Amendment advocates that networked met up and went back to their homes with a whole bunch of new names a whole bunch of motivation and a whole bunch of context. I think what happened here is GonNa be huge an echo through the movement because it went out everybody came together got some information made some contact some education and now they scattered to the winds. I think we will see fruit from this tree for years to come. Awesome awesome some. I'm I'm actually glad you gotTa Make It. I mean you know. It's a little bit of a trip for me so I think the the the thing is is the thing that you know. Of course I say it's a long trip which it is but then you know derrick from kids safe foundation. He made made it. Yeah Kerry from from her. She's from Washington state she made it But again it's up to us individual pooping on anybody. That didn't make get but if you didn't come have reasons you didn't come and then say it sucked and it was a waste of time. Well you can't have both. Yep So do you want to. Ah Tony being the you know huge activist. You are I just WanNa say thanks for working the polls today and and and then hurry on here but up to get back here on the podcast. So I'm a little tired. We we we did the polls Because I have a lot of experience working. You can't be me and not laugh at the fact that I'm a poll worker. I'm sorry but I got but we had to train people from other tables and other districts today and it just took a lot more time than it usually did But it's important. A lot of people came out voted because in Jersey all eighty assembly seats. were up for reelection. Well so because you know even though it's election day in a lot of places here where I live there was absolutely nothing really. Yeah which which is is good and bad because that means our our legislature that we don't like the past everything and never said anything onto the voters. That's that's what I'm saying. I mean of course as we know the views and opinions eccentric et Cetera. We'll read that later. So what did I do in firearms. Well I didn't do anything in firearms instead. Did stuff with knives blade. Each show has their West edition once a year out here. It's in Portland so it's close. I went up to it got to see all kinds of knives You know the big makers Asia. They're the little makers custom knives or there. It's a lot of fun. I got this cool little cool little hogue matt from Hogue Knives and the gun people to they're they're pretty cool all the all the big names. Are there little names. Jeez I don't even know how to explain it but there's some cool stuff that's going to be coming out from some some of the companies. I posted like one of the hugs. That's coming out on on instagram. You know I had a friend. He makes them what are they considered their martial arts training swords out of wood or Fidel Lake or G Tan He was up there. I mean I do stuff with him once in a while I anyway but so I hung out with ebb for awhile and we we had fun. It was good show It's not a hack is a fidelity finale pick. It's it's like plastic. I would stuff. I'm like you just making up words. Well you were. I'm trying to think you know what's kind of overwhelming you know. I thought it was funny because you know as going around and I liked the workshop. People who make knife sharpener they were they were they were there. They had set me that Little bench grinder one last year but I was talking to one of the guys there. He was showing me their new stuff. But then of course we got off on the Tangent of firearms firearms tonight so I literally talked to him for like a half hour dot on knives so you know because most people who enjoy wait knives a lot of them like yeah so that that was my eventful weekend trying to think Tony's adjusting cameras yes I guess that's that I'll move into the announcements now. Bandwidth sponsor Patriot patch. Co doesn't look like they have any new patches for preorder but I I did receive my Thanksgiving patches. I got my oh look. It's a Turkey with a shot dead. It's not it's an nods. It's not Auden Eagle with nods. Okay I mean it could be like a Golden Eagle but who knows I mean Ryan designed it and then the one that actually I liked better is the cart with all the shopping shopping cart with the guns and rocket launchers and whatever else they got so we thank you. Go join the.

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