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The Reds have been no hit by the Cubs at home more times than any other opponent won't happen today. How many times have Cubs pitchers held the Reds hitless in Reds home games? Is it a four B three c two? And Stevenson swings. He drives this one, too, right? But right there is Jason Heyward due to make the catch. And Stevenson is the first out of the second, So I ever the Cubs. Have held the Reds hitless in their home ball. Pardon? More than any other team. The Cubs have no hit the Reds in this well, not necessarily this building. Per se. But in this city Um what was a two? That would be four is four. My God, he is three C is to put you down for four. His A will revisit that a couple of innings and see How that answer feels to you, then. Had some time to stew on it the pitch and that's a strike outside corner to Tyler. Nay Quinn. Well, I don't know the answer. And It's been be a couple of days in a row. It was see a couple of days in a row. It hasn't been a in a while, Um Banking I I got you. Here's the pitch. Nay Quinn swings. Golfs went high into the air down the left field line over the left fielder Peterson, but that will be back into the Spectators. Oh, and two on a Quinn. Photo at first with one out, Cubs have a one run advantage. Seats continuing to fill in around Great American ballpark, that first base side where the Reds Occupy that dugout. PSA land It's in there pretty good all the way down the right field line and even the sun deck and right. Here's the 02 McQuinn bounces it just outside the line at first a foul ball. Nothing into the count. Right. That's the razor. I use up there on the board. Just notice that Gillette there you go. Good stuff. I like the green one. At first, and here comes the 02 pitch to make one And he swings and goes the other way with a fly ball to the left fielder Peterson. He's there to make the catch Votto back to first, and now two men are out. I just thought I'd tell you about. Well, I appreciate you informing me because I was curious. So thank can scratch that off my list. Well, I just looked up and the thing was there, and I just said it. That's fine. I know the feeling like it how it worked. Now the batter is radio Suarez. He got a hit. All game last night. Suarez singled his third time up in the seventh. He finished one for three. Now. I can't quit looking at it. I'm gonna miss a pitch here. That mesmerized by it, huh? Here's the pitch Suarez. It's it right back to the pitcher and Al's align, knocks it down, picks it up fortunate and flip it to first to get the out. Suarez hit that thing really hard right back at Al Saleem must have hit him in the glove. He appears to be fine, and that's what he's saying. To his catcher Contreras some tough luck hitting there for a U Hani Oh, Suarez as we go to the third inning and onto cowboy It's the Cubs won Reds Nothing on the Cincinnati Bell Reds radio network. Reds fans. Marty Brennaman here, Do you hear.

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