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Kuby recall on jurors. Welcome to talk is jericho. It is the pot of thunder rock and roll. And i've got one of the eighty w wingmen ear today ryan nemeth makes talk is jericho debut. And he's talking about his faction with pretty peter avalon. Jd drake sesa- baloney. How came together and their instant. Chemistry ryan's also talking about his time. In lovie w nfc fcw and what he learned from both rip rogers and dusty rhodes. He explains why he thinks he got called up to the debbie main roster and why he was sort of surprised when. Wb released him his stories about wrestling with his brother. Dull ziegler and the comedy show. They do together your ear. How both they got start in comedy. And how ryan style differs from his brother and of course. We're talking about ryan's award winning short film. He'll it's all kinds of awards on the festival circuit. He wrote and produced it. Maggie levin directed it. You'll find out why he hired her also shares. What expired him to do his own fictional take on the very serious speaking out movement. That happened wrestling over the last year. Right coming up so as fosse save the world who are after an amazing week last week. Sold out iowa city and had two great shows at rock fest and cannot wisconsin and the jacksonville. talk fest. both of them in front of thousands and thousands of people a great way to get back into the swing of things. We continue august seventh and cheboygan at brat days and then save. The world tour starts in earnest columbus at the newport musical on september second all the dates on fauzia rock dot com including joliet belvidere kansas bill. Wisconsin harrisburg pennsylvania. I want you know that. Pittsburgh flint michigan johnson city. Tennessee and.

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