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Of a president as someone who had the rare privilege of directly serving four presidents i will continue to speak out loudly and critically until and here are the words he chooses until integrity decency wisdom and maybe even some humility return to the white house i don't think you can read something like that from someone like him without seeing it for what it is as these stories grind on it is a stern call to the rest of us for perspective for a type of resistance for whatever that means to each person from a selfdeclared public servant who as i mentioned serve both parties a person who clearly has put public interest in personal risk by the way over profit but also a person who found that at this moment in history even if yes donald trump didn't win more votes than the alternative he won enough support in the electoral college for a mandate to pursue whatever this is true trump is to now test whether this indeed will become the new normal we've gathered some very special guests to discuss a big question here jennifer rubin a conservative opinion right at the washington post betsy woodruff politics reporter at the daily beast both msnbc contributors and jonathan alter an author msnbc political analyst and as well a columnist at the daily beast thanks to each of you it is friday night and we are starting big picture and jennifer i put the question to you given all the stories that we've been discussing and covering and this call to assess both whether this is becoming normal and what to do about it i hope it is not becoming normal and i think some of the institutions that are designed to check the president be it the independent press hit the courts the permit civil service are to one degree or another holding but let's be clear he is getting worse we see what i described today is three categories have outrageous that we.

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