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Has to be the absolute greatest asset in my life. The second best after that was Napoleon. Hill's outwitting the devil. Lavender the master key system. But I love outwitting Sir. What is your favorite lifestyle design act? This can be a business or tool. know. I'm I'm one of those the best the best app I got with my texting. Text People's need this handle right and the the ability to communicate with my clients post closing actually way behind right now. I'm a month behind on anymore. Just be able to teach my texting. Hold the microphone down and have a personal message. Go out to each person I do business with. That's my favorite. Because they get to hear from me and the Exercise gratitude share with them. How much I appreciate the trust because without that I don't have anything I love it. What do you enjoy most about the way? The lifestyle is currently designed the opportunities that I have been blessed to create for other people. I've got twenty one phenomenal. Employees are amazing people and they are all pulling their hair because they can't keep up with it. I made a promise several years ago. When I brought somebody from the from the service industry she was bartenders. She was amazing. She's part of one of my main team leaders now and she made me a promise years ago that she never has to go back. And I'm blessed to be able to fulfill that and so That's that's one of the things I really really really enjoys. Being able to give other people opportunity and apple in also the opportunity of real estate investors get in the conference that they haven't compete building their portfolio. Because they know they have a battle hardened partner. There's not gonNA stop until they're successful sauce. What were the sacrifices that you knew you had to make before the millions to get to where you are today One of the big sacrifices lack of income you know when you when you look at going from a job where you're paid hourly or salary two hundred percent commission back in nineteen ninety seven and then having to sometimes you you were sixty seventy hour weeks and not make a single dime for two three months. That's happened remember going in on Christmas Day. Nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety eight Christmas Day to meet with a husband guy and his son. They were living together on refinance on their house. And that was the only deal is gonNA close in January. Got The closing docks to the closing table you know. They were with another lender for an eighth per cent lower interest rate. Never communicated to me you know. So there's that there's the nights that I was just stressing to try and feed my family in a win. From you know many times were dead broken looking to having the guts to stay in it because I knew there was something better down the road and I gave up and I found. The numbers are to go back to running heavy equipment. Go Back to David. Swimming pools go back back to driving truck. You know because I was struggling that bad but I stuck with it and really. You'll learn a lot about yourself when you when you develop tenacity absolutely beautiful. Who was essential to your crowd before the millions? Why well it's it's a lot of people. Essential was really having a person. Here in my life my spouse who believed in me even know there was times it was it was so damn roughly had nothing. She knew that what I needed was the backing of somebody nagging at me saying get out there and get a job. She knew what the possibilities were. She backed me up. She stayed with me and believe me sticking with me is not an easy damn thing and then the other influences are the. Who believe me at my current I presented to them something that has never ever ever been created in this in the history of this industry and some of them tried to take advantage of it. They're gone there's others that back me up and realized that and they came in behind me full force and we went from few hundred a year to now push on one thousand one hundred fifteen one hundred thirty transactions this month. That's what the numbers are saying. Within the next two days it's unheard of. It's amazing I honestly I can't even begin to tell you would've feels like 'cause I don't know it feels like Tuesday anymore because I just not wrapped up in. That was gone the day I found my my my books Amazon didn't rely. I mean after I thought about that was actually a Tuesday. The best things in the world always happened to be on Tuesdays. That's a whole other discussion. I can get into our youthful. I love this last. Not least why do you think so? Many of us are stuck before the millions even though we have every intention getting the millions. I really believe that people are sticking themselves there's a difficulty of in- themselves what they can accomplish because he can't see it being done. That's where I think it's really important to sit down in a quiet place and right. What's possible if you don't write it down. It's not going to happen you know. It's where book number one in my in my series the Q. Jail Initiative as far as quick jerking off. Initiative comes in. I told people read that. It's the little things you can write down in accomplish if you have not could it down on paper. There's a chance that won't happen. So there's too damn much doubt in their own personal capability they had can have all the all the Facing the world and somebody else amazing how little faith we have ourselves. You'RE NO DIFFERENT THAN BILL GATES. No different than than Jeff Bezos the differences. They just did it longer and the endured things along. They fought harder for what they've got. It's not an easy life. Life is too I. It's it's it's hard being broke and it's hard being rich. Both of them suck as far as energy. Got Put into just gotTa decide which you want to deal with. Benign fascinating pockets. So they have a ladies and gentlemen Mr Aaron Chatman if listeners to allow a little bit more about you find out some Info on company or even.

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