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Activism activity kurdish populations in users excuse to for the state to engage in certain repressive policies or press behaviors as a way to since be those populations out is so we can think of the current interational mass incarceration as an extension of these eugenic ideologies and i think they're framework allows us to have a a deeper understanding of how as you were saying this is has very little do with kromah behaviour but more bob the state's long term interest in making sure restaurant populations are held in check this is that clinton and i totally agree and i i think also weep need to take into account the assent of neoliberal politics in this country and elsewhere around the world in the in the 1970s where in other kinds of programmes in welfare and education are also cut dramatically as a state becomes in volusia dhs as government becomes involuted and becomes more and more associated with the with the cap with the casserole and there's a kind of withdrawal from the social and run one respect but then a violent clamping down on society in in another respect and i think that those two movements i really important to bear in mind they are in relationship with each other in our these to further appointed will muramoto were using we're seeing crime being used by the current administration to control a particulary undesired population from obese release from the perspective of those in power known that is undocumented individuals is is another example of this you know the reason conversation wherever now of how crime how the how the qarases rochman author has very little to do with the actual behaviors boat use those used to make sure that certain political undesirable populations are weed out from the from the centres of a society.

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