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But you know it's it's difficult i try not to be too messy but you know and i try not to spill because obviously we're you know we're a small cable food show and so we don't have to of everything so if i saw my blouse it's going to remain soiled i mean we'll stop production and try to get the stain out but if we can't get it out it's not like we can't you know we're going to change the top we're just gonna notice it and move on you're there are not a lot of books that are written by stores but your book the encyclopedia of spices and herbs has two co credits underneath pod moloch me in the titles one is a writer with whom you worked on the book one is a store tell me about that third writing credit on the butts colossians is an institution in new york city for generations and generations of immigrants it opened in the forties and it was originally i'm menial dried fruit and nut store there were two orthodox churches right near that area just above grammercy park sort of between grammercy park and murray hill in the late twenties early thirties on lexington avenue and then it changed hands in the store change with the neighborhood as it changed in so indians would start to go there because they would carry some turkish spices not just armenian ingredients and it kind of spread from there and now the whole area is called curry hill instead of murray hill because they're all these indian grocery stores and little food joints and in the seventies my mother and i lived on the upper east side because she was a nurse at sloan kettering hospital and we would go to colossians in those days it was really hard to get salon tro anywhere and if you knew the guy really well they would sort of take you in the back and under moist burlap sack they would sort of show you the stash like they were selling you dime bag still entre and he would save it for his best customers and and and and so you know it it it now has anything any spies from any part of the world you could ever imagine if you were going to give me casual home cook who.

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