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Your beat at our. We've got a director in mind for yoke. Yes. All this and so much more on this week's minority corner. It is time to learn laugh amp play. Doubt. With. Me Shoes off the bed. That's like one of the things that I whenever I watch television show immediately takes me out when they hop on a bed with their mother fucking shoes on and I'm like you nasty I can't follow your story, take your shoes off when you're on your bed that's where you sleep. That's what we call the industry bad direction. Bad like art direction or. Like. That means the actor is so not in their world that they're not grounded in. was, you do this unless it's a character choice, but we're not all like you know Kimmy Giblets Yeah Terrible who amassed a probably mess going over stomps down style mud everywhere. On the bed kimmy gave we don't do that. Or Roger You like just mess hot mess parade trains coming in with your shoes on I. Don't I, I'm even starting. Turning into an old woman or you know who knows but I just I'm not sure mature woman I. don't even know if I want us in the house anymore. Oh I living in New York I was like, Oh hell. No, I'm not tripping the city into my house and then I realized. Dirty. So No. Thank you. So props to cultures I know popular like. Asian Cultures Southeast Asian cultures like no shoes in the house yeah. I think come on it might be a little bit of a culture shift with. Since we carpets easy. You got carpet no shoes in the house. Easy. But if you got hardwood floors, it's easy to forget stop it on ended. We just become the age see TV channel I'M GONNA win and we're going into. Angry. Angry all take donated. Outside. Naseem. Kidding. To This is minority corner minority corner. So we're here for I eat it and I can always tell when there's an empty copy. Yes. People need this. Yes. When they're holding granddad puts water in your damn. Yes. Like just put some with some water up and your Dan props and there you go. I can tell that it's empty and you're just waving it around it needs to be waited. It needs to there's a way in it you need. To take an actual sip because when you take a sip of coffee and it's just like a rubes no, you gotta process the liquid down your throat. It's how hot is the temperature of it like you gotTa take your time with it. So Hollywood when you get back to work listen to this, we got no got knows and we're watching you we're watching you Hollywood speak were watching you and I are marvel writer dies and the Marvel. God. Powers that be blessed us with a trailer for Wanda rocking this shows tend to be. Honor Wilder I'm super. 'cause actually what's interesting because of covert originally, Falconer winter soldier was supposed to be the first Disney plus marvel series by. They had to pause because they weren't able to complete their action Recio Shits Vantaa..

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