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Here's Caroline burns. We now know that Kevin Durant. Will not play in game two of the NBA finals Sunday at Toronto head coach Steve Kerr making that announcement Friday who says this is a tricky one, if you re injured a calf, then that's it. Then he's done for the for the series. So when he's ready to play he'll play. That's our approach Durant has been taking part in individual encore drills. There's optimism that Durant could return for either game three or four back in Oakland. The team will have Andre Iguala who's MRI came back clean after he injured a leg during Thursday night's one eighteen to one nine loss to the raptors after looking at game tape of the loss Kerr with his observations. I don't think we played our game. I think that's obvious. I think we did some good things, and there are a lot of areas, we need to improve, but the crowd will never have anything to do with that with this team. Mom, we're going to play our game. And you know, it's, it's fun frankly, it's fun to, to be in these environments, to, to be challenged to be threatened, and especially because the Canadian fans are so nice that even when they're harassing us they do it in a very polite manner. Yeah. They'll be challenged again, by that raucous crowd Sunday when they try to even up the series. Tip off is at six PM, the as Matt Chapman hit a two run Homer in the bottom of the third, but it wasn't enough. The Astros, Josh rhetoric and Derek Fisher both homered as Houston beat Oakland three to two in the Coliseum. And Dwight Smith first career grand slam capped a six run first inning, the Baltimore Orioles beat the San Francisco Giants nine to six NCWA baseball Stanford over, Sacramento state, eleven to nothing in a regional opener in Palo Alto Stanford meets Fresno state Saturday night. The BULLDOGS beat UC Santa, Barbara nine to two and TCU beat Cal thirteen to two in another regional sports at fifteen and forty five on news, one oh six nine AM, seven forty KCBS a slowdown in.

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