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You can flip it from suck to blow. Using just blowing them. Fucking country western. Are you? Jim kelly. Jim tallies. Nephews trying to get. Get the gun. Now. I'm just going to get the fact that he looks. How is he not? Tertre out and he was sitting on their code. I can't wait to find out. He went to three colleges. He has a checkered past couple of red flags out there. But John Elway took a shot. Only. Did that's John. John Elway legitimately took a shot him. And I think even came out and said, we're taking a shot on them because of Jim Kelly's friendship, and then all of a sudden, here's how swag Kelly repays 'cause I'm. Teamates house. Do what did you say? I think he was close to get into start. We been awful. Yeah. But they paid keenum. They're not going to pull his eyes were super wonky mugshot. Not judge mugshots is were straight. Where's the? Hey dumping. I wanna let you know, you probably know something we'll tell you while everybody else is hearing it. But if the conversations happening with you, I found a comedy special that taught and I made two years ago of me, and it's pretty fucking good. I think we're going to be releasing it here pretty soon. I don't know how I have no idea. I actually sent it to my people I have people now, I don't know if you've done that since I left serious. I now have an agent. How are you? Judge me for that. Or no, no, you gotta do what you gotta do. You. Gotta take care of yourself, the more and more. I'm learning about it. By the way. There's a reason why I was getting fucked. But I have a ho comedy special coming out in. I think it's I think it's going to be I think internationally will be well received. I think how I need one of those hoodies man the Makati mall. Those are you are you in the McAfee, mafia? Yeah. I thought so have you bought them? Mexican mafia shirt. No. You're always waiting for you to send me discount code. Oh shit. I. Do that. That is a film main job. I have a CFO his name spill. And that is his only job. The us either. Yeah, we have anything. I'm buying my own merchant full price. I think I'm paying. That's all my Christmas list. Two hundred dollars in.

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