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Lot. What this portion of animal radio is underwritten by Kensington books. This holiday season, curl up with a 12 days of snowball by Kristin McKenna. It's an adorably funny novel featuring a matchmaking cat named snowball. The 12 days of snowball. It's a perfect holiday read for animal lovers or anyone looking for romance. Pick up your copy today anywhere books are sold or visit Kristin McKenna dot com. That's Kris teen, MCK dot com. And thanks, Kensington for underwriting animal radio. All of us here at fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start day dreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far, so you will be ready for your next adventure once it's safe to travel. That's phyto friendly, dot com. Until then, stay safe and leave no dog behind. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. It's animal radio. And it's human nature to like animals. At least that's according to John Bradshaw. He'll be joining us in just a few minutes. Brand new book out called the animals among us and how pets make us human. And Laurie were just about ten minutes away from a quick check of the news in the newsroom, what do you have coming up? One of the big social media platforms has gone through its user database and use some facial recognition things to find cats and dogs and stuff. So we'll tell you what they found from calling all of this information about cat lovers and dog lovers on social media. Hi Leslie. Hi, doctor Debbie. How are you? Oh, hi. I'm wonderful today. What can we help you with today? Well, my husband and I adopted a cat that's an indoor outdoor cat about four years ago. And he's always willing to call it even when we have had when we adopted him or before we adopted him. And we've noticed within the last 6 to 8 months that he's been coming in in the mornings without his color on. And so the first time we thought, well, you know, maybe that's a coincidence. The second time we got a little suspicious and thought well, maybe one of the neighbors is concerned about him wearing a collar that has to buckle. And so they remove it. Then the third time we put a collar on, we use the breakaway collar. And he came in last week without his breakaway cholera. And so we're concerned that, well, we like to have for him to have a call on with a bail so that we can carry when he comes in and out of the house. And we think that that's a good idea for him to maybe so maybe the birds and the animals can't hear it and he can they'll the birds will get away from me. So we're just wondering what should we do about this? Well, it's kind of a tricky situation because, you know, and I've had some cats in my lifetime that have been able to get out of breakaway collars in an indoor situation. So that's what they're designed for. I can't explain why the other callers came off, but I'd be concerned. We do like to have ID on our especially if they're going outside, but if your kitty's getting into environments where that is coming off, we're getting snagged up on things that does put him at risk for, you know, choking, or some kind of injury from that. So as much as we want to keep a color on, you know, if we assume that no human is removing that, you think neighbors are removing it, though, you are assuming that, is that correct? We assume that a neighbor has been moving it because of the they just don't want the cat to have a technical. How about putting a note on the caller? The new one. Just being able to note on and say, hey, call, let's talk about this before you take the caller off. You know? We could do that. Yeah, it seems like you have a steady communication somehow with the neighbor there. Do you know which neighbor? No, I can't live in a neighborhood. And we call it he's an iowan and kind of blocked off by different roads. And so he.

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