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Now my aim in this teaching from home series is that you will hear from a wide variety of teachers sharing a wide variety of experiences though. Be Technology focused episodes. Just how does remote teaching work but also episodes focused on the practicalities of coping with setting? Shoot it's appropriate work. Whilst also having to look after your own children at home then this issues of safeguarding differentiation. And teach a mindset that have also come up as this series of progressed. They'll be Muss teaches. Teaches all the subjects as here today. Primary School focused episode and in particular early years there'll also be teachers from the UK and overseas. Hopefully something for everyone. I've no idea how long this series will go on for but so long as people keep listening and hopefully finding it useful. I shall continue so this time around. I spoke to Dr Helen Williams. Helen is an expert in early years teaching. Now when Helen I came on the podcast back in December. Twenty eight eighteen. She absolutely blew my mind describing lessons involving gold beans and asking me questions. Like what is the number three now whilst we have considered on this series how school closures? Might Affect Primary students. And what we as teachers can do about it in my interview with John Hodgkinson. I wondered whether earl years was a completely different ballgame. I can't think of anyone better than Helen to answer my questions. Now as you would expect this is a conversation packed. Full of Golden Nuggets though be useful not only for teachers of alias students but also that parents indeed my little. Isaac will be reaping the rewards of this conversation when he wakes from his afternoon nap. Oh Anna's bonus at the end of the show Helen response to the poll cash and call Hendrick episode..

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