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Can you imagine so I do that. And then you don't go on tour you are. I'm going into a thirty cities. US and Canada. And how it how you doing all of this. So what's the plan. I know it's a whole thing. You have a bus. Well we're actually talking about. Because it's routing in certain areas. I think there may be areas where we will use a bus and I'm excited about that because it'd be like Lord of Lenin Communist daughter Sissy Spacek in the back when she remember that part and she looks at the whole night donors daughter was born to be maters daughter. quit ground sound like a Bagel. Oh buyer so she's look. She's in her own bathroom time. She looks out and people honking at her. So I would love that but I am doing starting February fourth kicks off in New York gramercy theater and then going going all over the US and then also Toronto in Vancouver. So what do you do you doing like a so. These are theaters so I'm doing stand up and then I play a game show. I read a little bit of the book and then I'm out in the audience and it's just really it's just a really I just did the first one of them up for as a benefit in my hometown for the hospital up there. A lot of money forty grand cancercenter up there so I'm so excited to go out and about and people can you if you buy the the. VIP ticket comes with the book right greet and all that stuff gotta feel come QVC just telling myself now. But I'm so proud of this book and so excited to go out on the road you know. That's that's great eighteen years. I've been working in this business. You know and so now I just want to go out and like thank everybody and so who will be traveling. You have like a road manager my best friend. CJ worked in with so he's going to go out and and manage everything and We'll have like two or t shirts I feel like Taylor swift or and it was only the two move you do. You really need a bus. Well it would be like Atlanta rent a car. I don't want to drive it though because I won't be able to sleep. You understand so it might be like a small like a one of those. RV things you're saying because I just wanted tall Mercedes buses enough. Yes and I just don't want to be in airports parts as possible because yeah that would take up a lot of the day a lot of the time yeah nightmare and then if God forbid his lay. Yeah if you just like like laughed and you had someone else driving all night and then you check in the hotel like noon. Then you still can take a three hour nap and get cute. And I'm going to document the hold behind the scenes of the a tour and stuff on my social media. Hello Ross to the whole time. It's a really exciting time. I can't believe I'm doing thirty. Cities have there. I just thought How did you guys choose the city agencies did that you know they route everything and I said get as many as you can because I did twelve cities for the first book man up and I thought if they can get thirteen. I'm thrilled when they came back with thirty. I just thought I'm never going to be this age again. Who knows if I'll ever have a book again? Just do it. Just say yes. You might have a boot on your foot next year How dare you and no offence to anyone? That's currently in a boot. I'm just saying I want to avoid it happening to me. These boots weren't made for judging. Well I'm super excited and so happy you think everybody followed him. See if he's coming to your city and if he is get a ticket yeah hello how DOT COM com All the cities are mentioned. There and please please get your tickets now and do by the book..

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