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It still depends on US having the willpower in the West to pull ourselves together doesn't it and that's what's perhaps the biggest question of all. Can we raise? Did you belief in astles and that's why the black lives matters protests come into the deep self loathing about it seems to me to be almost impossible turn-around now. Very difficult because just as justice in the last forty, eight hours in the united. States. We've had a moderate writer for the New York Times resign and suggests that the climate there were so antisemitic censoring us that she couldn't even write any more. We've had a number of prominent black entertainers voice. Nick Cannon of. Entertainment host voice, some antisemitic racist things that. I. Mean that you can't even imagine. But then he basically said I'm African American. I can do what I want I'm not gonNA Apologize. Though. There's a new assertiveness there and I, think what people are saying in the United States we've we've now transcended from we want quality. And we want a portion representation. And if we don't have proportional representation, we all despair impact there has to be an implicit bias somewhere we would have the same number weeping people color would have the same number. Brain surgeons at Stanford as others, but we've gone beyond that now. And where I think he will make a mistake. They think that black lives matters of sophisticated Marxist organization they're not interested in class. They believed that ultra are Lebron James, just a much a victim of somebody in the inner city it's a racial. In a racial movement and its ambitions, Branson wack nationalism of the nineteen sixties, it's saying. That thirty percent of the United States is going to go by the one drop rule the old confederacy we're not white and therefore superior and weren't we. We don't share in this legacy of racism slavery oppression the people who are white it's absurd. Somebody could come from any country and we don't know what their pigmentation as we don't know what their DNA is. We don't care but I think we have to be very careful because this is not a liberal movement. This is not a Marxist Movement Ryan on. The traditions of even the Soviet Union this is a weird racial angry over and it's Down it's it has an element of races racism NFL it's getting more and more pronounced, and you can see the reaction of A. The, progressive white..

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