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Often. Bethesda Tyson's in Penn Quarter make reservations at fogo dot com. Trafficking weather on the eighth demonic blight are in the traffic center. Thanks My getting word of a new incident in the district affecting traffic both ways. On First Street Northwest at K Street. This crashes involving a D C fire vehicle follow police direction around the activity. A second incident in northeast affecting traffic westbound on New York Avenue at first Street that crashes blocking the left lane. Stay to the right to get by. Expect delays getting beyond it continuing in the district D. C to 95 seen delays in both directions volume only as you make your way across the Southeast Southwest Freeway. Expect delays there as well. Now traveling Colbun. This has checked that northbound on 3 95 just before the 14th Street Bridge. We do still have the crash activity there, causing delays on 3 95 and also the George Washington Parkway That crashes blocking the left lane and also the exit ramp for Exit 10 C response is on the scene. Traffic is getting by staying to the right, however, with the legs once you're beyond the activity, the pace does improve continuing into Virginia, Traveling westbound on 66 in Fairfax, The left exit toward 1 23 is blocked with the crash activity. Response is on the scene. Tow truck is there as well. Hopefully that travel lanes should be opening shortly, However, beyond that, I'm 66 looking pretty good. Seeing light delays heading Eastbound just outside the capital. But way that's volume Only if you're traveling along the I 95 corridor. You're probably experiencing some delays traveling northbound in Woodbridge, the ramp heading toward Prince William Parkway. We did have crash activity along the left side. They're southbound I 95 in Lorton. The crash was along the left side again Expect delays getting beyond it heading over into Maryland capital but way seeing delays on both loops In separate stretches, Nothing reported blocking its volume only, however, heads up in the Festa on the interlude, Brandt heading toward Cabin John Parkway. We do have reports of storm debris, blocking partial portions of the ramp their state to the right to get Biden with caution. As you do, crossing the Chesapeake Bay At this hour. We do have traveling flowing two lanes in each direction along the west bound span of the bridge that gives you two lanes. Traveling west three lanes traveling east west bound span is experiencing some delays. However, its volume Link on the Baltimore Washington Parkway outside the capital Beltway, expecting expect delays in each direction between 32 the Capital Beltway Again, Nothing reported. In your way. Everything you want to hear is on inaudible stream bestsellers and newest hot releases and stream originals and podcasts to sign up for a free trial at audible dot com. I'm Monique Blighter. W T o P traffic Now the storm team for meteorologists Mar Theodore. Highs tomorrow will climb in the low eighties, so While we're cooling down in the seventies tonight, you'll notice it's a tad bit warmer for your Sunday than it was on Saturday. Our Sunday is shaping up to be fairly tranquil. Mostly sunny, a small chance for a few showers..

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