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Check out the discord. If you're into that stuff Check out the patriots for sure. Like i said we're working on some long term plans there to get some more patron exclusive content. We're also going to be having a patron exclusive fantasy football league. We may have another open league. Just for everyone. If i don't know if i can run it just because i'm already having to run like four or five weeks but if someone else wants to run it that works for alcohol clive then we might have another league but otherwise it's going to be patriot league so definitely if you're interested in that you're gonna hit that up and there's also of course other exclusive content and our eternal gratitude. That's on offer as well so check that out guys but again. Thank you for hanging out this tonight. We will see you guys in two weeks. Next week i am also occupied doing some other stuff for family. So i won't be able to do that and also there's nothing to talk about so it ends up working out nicely there but we'll be back for the rest of july as we ramp up for training camp as you guys know we are planning to go and cover training camp hopefully the first week but we'll see in terms of availability when we could get credentials and all that stuff so stay tuned for that and we'll just get right into that coverage and preseason and then the season so we're we're almost there not too much longer one more month basically tell the dead zones over and it'll be full full blast football content from then on out guy so until next time i'm kevin night for my host. Evan burchfield and friend best friend of the show randy havens thank. You guys have a great night. We'll see you next time..

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