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She also met Anthony Quinn who told her he wanted her to stand on a literal pedestal, quote where I can wash you hour after hour and she met sterling Hayden to whom Yvonne seriously considered losing her virginity. But Hayden advised waits for the right guy. She was ready to make Jimmy Stewart the right guy, but at the end of their first dinner date, she was embarrassed to invite him into the tiny apartment. She shared with her mother. They didn't have another date and the right guy soon came along, and he wasn't famous Yvonne later recalled I was so fed up with my virginity that I was glad to be rid of it. Clarinetist and bandleader Artie Shaw who also took a liking to Yvonne wasn't the right guy. He would prove to be definite, Mr. wrong who would go through wives as fast as reads, but Shah, according to Yvonne was merely a supportive friend to her a very, supportive friend. He told her he would pay her a salary for one month, if she quit her nightclub job and dedicated herself to trying to break into movies. Yvonne took the offer. And before the month was out. She did land her first film role a one line walk on. And that was it with no other rules coming in. She was forced to go back to nightclub dancing. But slowly bit parts started to filter in in the summer of nineteen forty two just bef-. Four. She turned twenty Yvonne was signed to a contract at paramount. She paid her dues playing mostly background roles and posing for pinup and publicity photos hanging around the lot attempting to gain purchase as a contract starlets. Yvonne began a relationship with Billy wilder it didn't last long and the great writer director didn't cast her in any of his films, but decarlo would nonetheless call him the first big love of my life. He would also introduce her to Ernst Lubitsch who became a close platonic friend. But these friendships didn't lead to job security. Eventually, Yvonne was informed that exotic types like her were no longer in fashion and paramount was dropping her car. Contract. Exotic types never went out of fashion over the hill at universal a decade and a half had passed. Since Dracula had given that studio both a defining John rea- horror and business model franchises and formula to rally around. More than ever the house that car Leme Lee had built kept afloat by cranking out low cost John r- films. They began the nineteen forties by trying to make lawn. Cheney junior happen and updates of the nineteen thirties horror formula, like the wolf man and son of Dracula and they began looking for ways to adapt this type of formulaic production to others genres in nineteen forty two independent producer, Walter Wayne. Jer made the by graphical aviation adventure eagle squadron the first of fourteen films that he'd produced from within the auspices of universal eagles squadron, which waner was able to produce relatively cheaply by taking advantage of Universal's contract players and other resources was enormously profitable. And. Danger followed it up with another picture at the studio Arabian nights, which was Universal's first film shot in three strip technicolor Arabian nights. Invented a new universal formula, the exotic read mildly racist romance. This wasn't really new in fact, one of wagers earlier successes had been the Hetty Lamar vehicle algae RDS itself. A remake of the French film. Pepe lem Oko, which was still innovative within Hollywood in that it relied on a foreign location largely unfamiliar to American audiences to add for sewn to a fairly conventional love story..

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