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And I really enjoy listening to you day every day that I can thank you on AM five ninety going back to my original reason, I called in one more thing you say, the stage of south central now sage I'm thinking that your means wise. Right. So. That's, that's, that's, that's what I hope people think when they hear it. Yeah, exactly. Not a change. Bush. Not, not, not safe Bush. No. All right. Well, let God bless you, man. Pleasure to talk to you. And with regard to angel camp. I hear one year with my church to go to Christian camp for a week. I can't marry not though I'd awhile, and I'll tell you what I came away from that experience. I think with more than the kid did because I learned so much and was able to share so much on the last night around the campfire. They give testimony about out at g oh my it's just fantastic. If you could ever volunteer to go onto one of those, I would highly recommend. I did I did last summer. I was there last summer visited the camp ally. So you actually there for the whole there for a couple of days. Couple days. Yeah. Enough to get enough to get enough to talk to them, or the kids and get a feel for what was going on. It's fantastic. It is absolutely. It is it really is. All right. We'll look I was talking to the woman in the previous hour. And you were talking about incremental and how, you know, they're trying to work all these things socialistic ideas into our society to 'incrementalist always comes in my mind back to that story. I'm sure a lot of people have heard about putting a frog in a pot of warm water on his Stowe and the frog loves the warm water then he enjoys it. And if you incrementally turn the heat up warmer and warmer and warmer. The frontal is Tuesday, basically jump out. He's enjoying the warm and then all of a sudden it's hot enough that the water begins to boil and then it's too late for the frog to jump out is basically boil up Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk. I love you. That story is. Lately false. It is a myth. You put you put a frog in a pot of water and you turn up the water very slowly. At some point that frog is going to hop out. He's not going to stay in there and get burned alive. It's a lie. It's a myth. People say that all the time. And I know I know the point that you're making, but it's not true, Google it, it is not true. The point about incremental ISM is valid that people don't notice it. But believe me, you put an animal in a pot and slowly make the putt water hotter and hotter that animal will jump out if it's a fraud. I don't know why people keep saying that anyway. Kirk, thank you very much for the call. I appreciate it. Sally is inventoried California. Sally, you're on the Larry elder show. Thanks for letting me talk. Larry. I thought yesterday you might have misspoken when I talked about China being prosperous, because it's transitioning away from communism, and I was glad he recognized that China and India did have made a transition. Absolutely. You said China needs to suffer. But remember, China head in Venezuela moment when the suffering was so bad in the nineteen sixties after the extreme communism of the cultural revolution. Remember nineteen forty nine the communist party took power right in the nineteen sixties, communism got so bad during that cultural revolution that people recognized the reality of socialism, and communism. After that. Say Sally, it is recognized that, that Mao probably has more blood in his hands than maybe even stall does because of all these force camps that they put people into billions and millions of people die. There's no question about that. When I say they need all I meant was we need to do something about their theft of international intellectual property, the requirement that you give up your intellectual property in order to do business in China. That's what I'm talking about. Okay. I, I understand Larry. But, you know there are a lot of I'd love to go through issue by issue with you. And there has been an issue intellectual property, and I listen to Hank Paulson when he was interviewed most recently. By Margaret Brennan. And I can't repeat the way he put it but he understands so much of the government things,.

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