National Book Award, Minneapolis, Minnesota discussed on PBS NewsHour - Louise Erdrich and Emma Straub share summer reads you wont want to put down


Memorial day weekend of course is the traditional kickoff to summer and for many of us that means time to catch up on our reading jeffrey brown brings us inject some suggestions from our news our bookshelf some of us go for lighter fare some catch up on missed readings and others go fuller we readings of old favorites we get some summer picks from two prominent writers law so owned bookstores lease or drake is author of fifty novels as well as nonfiction and poetry remorse reason novel is low rose prior to that the round house was winner of the national book award for fiction she's the owner of birchbark walks in minneapolis and emma strives novels include modern lovers and the vacationers she's coowner with her husband of the brooklyn new york bookstore books are magic and welcome to both of you i'm guessing that the eu both are year round readers but let me start with you louise does summer reading however particular resonance for you the things you go after it does i'm i'm here in minnesota so i go to the lake and i bring a load of books and i sink into them and read wherever wherever i am around a lake that's how we do it that's all you do as a that's how we do it it's reading on the dog it's reading in in a if you're floating in the lake it's reading if it rains everything that that's where you read in you'd you can read yourself into a sort of stupor which you then solve with uh a lot of grilled meat and it and emma straw but what are you do in the summer for reading i'm well starting starting this summer i'm just gonna go to louise is house by the lake with a stack of books wait for grilled me it'll tell ya out happens it sounds it sounds perfect it sounds perfect um.

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