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Lewis, he may be headed to Detroit or Houston or wherever, well, a lot of people who were interviewing. I don't know if he's got a chance, but I sense Marvin, I'll be back in the NFL somehow some way next year. Let's see here. Let's say pro football focus. Brought to you by Cris Collinsworth naming their 2020 NFL all protein. Travis Kelsey, Of course, the tight end and former You see great with the Chiefs. And also the bangle safety Jesse Bates. The third on that on that first team, you got college football tonight. Or college basketball. Excuse me. This is a problem before you get it. This is a problem here. Yeah, This is one of the things that I'm struggling with during covert 19. I don't know what teams were playing when games were getting canceled, left and right. That's true. Yeah. I mean, Xavier is playing at 11 A.m. on Sunday morning. That is correct. Then this is not something I normally you got your schedule, right? You got your TV You got you pay for the college basketball package and you're sitting there and you, You know when you're gonna watch games now, you don't know who's playing went well and then a Saint John's had their game last week postponed due to an outbreak there. But now they're okay. So ST John's is coming here tomorrow night to play Xavier Askew, said. Xavier's playing Providence at 11 A.m.. Sunday, Right here on 700, wlw, Villanova and at Savior January 13 that was postponed for a second time. Yesterday's I can't write for with the Wildcats program. So who knows when that game's gonna be played the current list of Browns with covert, BJ Goodson, Malcolm Smith and Rusa dejo Harrison Bryant, Denzel Ward, Kevin Johnson, Joel but Tonio Jamon Patterson can drill Hodge. Bill Callahan. Shadow Shade. Jeff Howard.

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