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It's been a museum since nineteen eighty five Cordy has announced plans to donate four million dollars to add interactive exhibits a performance theater and recording studios at the museum but Michigan CBS news but missing hiker found safe in the Berkshires in the town of Bob Washington early this morning after a search lasting more than five hours I'm in contacting state police initially to report that his wife was four hours overdue returning from her hike just before one thirty this morning a search team located the woman who was a blast she was able to walk out of the forest with two troopers for the Massachusetts state police community action team she did not report any injuries it was out of value waited and is doing okay. seventy five Massachusetts cities and towns are ready the critical or high risk for the Tripoli virus C. Stanek one in several items public health officials announcing Friday a man from Bristol county died from the elders sees the second person in Massachusetts to die as a result of Tripoli. what a second case of west Nile virus has also been diagnosed. several personal items related to a nineteen thirties Texas outlaw cell at an auction here in Boston this year's much Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow. sector Warren Beatty in the nineteen sixties film the glamorize the bank robber lifestyle of Bonnie and Clyde decades after they were killed by officers in Louisiana so of Clyde barrow is personal items were sold by an auction house in Boston Saturday the billable watch that bar a war when he and Bonnie Parker were fatally shot by police in nineteen thirty four sold for more than a hundred twelve thousand dollars a sort of shot gun that was in the possession of the barrel gain of thirty three sold for nearly sixty nine thousand and a draft of a police wanted poster for borrow brought in more than four thousand dollars Todd and ABC.

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