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You know, you're having your morning mindful coffee and the coffee shop, so you can be a bit mindfulness and sit it's like, it's it's everywhere. It seems to be did you did you guys? Get the mindful coloring book craze IVA. Yes, we did. Oh, oh, oh, man. It's very few people. Who know what mindful coloring is it's well, unfortunately, he kind of this idea of okay? I just have to be mindful has that connotation of? Okay. Well, then discount everything unplugged, relax yourself. But that's not exactly what we're talking about here because it really is the processing of both the positive and negative emotions in a healthy way. That's the crux of the problem. If you're not doing that is going to lead to devastating effects personally, and the people around you and something to go along with that is a think it usually has an attachment to jogo or well more so meditation, right, right? This is your mindfulness practice. And in fact, you know, doing a little research about this and preppy myself for the show today. I had saw a YouTube video an animated one today that you had narrated talking about that very thing. Yeah. I mean, there's so many different. Ways of meditating, so mindfulness meditation is a tiny subset of all the different types of meditation out that and there are so many ways of leading mindfulness skills without ever meditating, which is great. You know, we don't have to meditate to do this stuff like in Australia. The the big spoil the kind of tops blow to the country is AFL stray Liam foot bully you. Gotta you've. Yeah. And you know, so there's kind of now to AFL teams where the entire team is being trained in mindfulness. But you don't get Australian football play is doing mindfulness, meditation, you know, but they can kind of lift weights mindfully and do that kind of womb routines mindfully and they can play the game mindfully. And when you run out onto the pitch in front of eighty thousand spectators, not knowing if your contract is going to be renewed. Then it's normal to have high levels of anxiety. But you can still play the game mindfully even when you're feeling anxious. And so this is one of the key. Miss you kind of touched on this idea that my phone's about feeling good being relaxed. But if you're walking through the backwoods of Alaska, and you encounter a black bear, you know, you can respond mindfully you won't relax. There's no Li like. But you know, you can mindfully take control of your arms and legs. And do what you need to do to survive, which apparently, you know, don't quote me on this. But apparently, you need to stand very still stay silent. And then episodes slowly move backwards because if you scream and run the ban his face off the and kailua so you can be mindful in that situation. Even when you having a full on fight or flight response, but you won't be relaxed happy. Well, this is something that you had talked about in the happiest trap of like the the beginning steps to to diffusion and just being able to as a spectator. Watch these thoughts. Come and go without that. Well, we could we could look at it as stoicism. Yeah. Not really an expert on stoicism. I mean, these ideas ancient they have been around the thousands of years and Greek philosophy and Buddhist philosophy and actually in a world religions have these. Ideas about living in the present moment and accepting pain and living values because there's a big difference between values and virtues and morals, obviously that was a lot to take in. We are going to definitely define what we mean by values because I know a lot of our listeners have struggled in that area, myself included, and we want to give everyone a rudder to their ships. So that we can take that mindfulness with values and move in the right direction. Yes. And something else that I wanted to make sure we got into of just a world today..

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