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The Nuremberg code outlawed all kinds of force, medical procedures and therapy's not just experimental procedures. Any medical procedure or therapy that you do not want to participate in. You have the full Free and unprejudiced right to refuse period. That's why they can't force guys and gals in the military to accept it, and a third of them have not. Go back and read Article six sections one and three of the Nuremberg code. And then I had this piece of information from Europe. This is from the European database of adverse drug reactions for covert 19 vaccines. 8430 dead 354,177 injuries. Now I want to play a clip. 21. I want you to hear what a pathological liar sounds like. Go ahead finally is, you know it's Mother's day, and there are lots of questions out there about the safety of the vaccines for pregnant women and women trying to have kids. What's your message to them? Well, if you look at the data, George, that doesn't seem to be a problem at all. They're literally been tens and tens of thousands of women who are pregnant. We've gotten vaccinated. There were no red flags. Nothing that looks like there's gonna be any problem. So I think that that's something that we really don't need to worry about that much. It looks good. Oh, it looks so good. You know and again, somebody sent me something. There's 1000 doctors and 10,000 lawyers. Maybe it's the other way around. That are now suing for patients and people who have been damaged by the covert vaccine. 1000 I don't know. Maybe it's 1000 lawyers and 10,000 people saying I don't know, but I got to tell you I predicted last week. And before that class action lawsuits against the advocates. You know what they did was they gave The vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution for these experimental drugs, you know that. Or didn't you? So let me just state for the record they gave the vaccine makers Immunity so you can't sue them if you die, or you get some crazy side effect. So just be aware that if they come now to try to force you Into accepting something that you in your in your gut. Your intuition says Do you don't do it. You don't have to take it. Put number three. Dr Joseph Mark Cola makes shocking covert 19 shot prediction. Go ahead. What is the time? Frank? As we know, with them are in a vaccines in one study all the fairest island. Other studies. A lot of the animals got sick internal died later. That wasn't an Emory vaccine. That was a conventional corona virus vaccine. And you're right. That was about eight or 10. Years ago. They gave them this fact. Corona virus vaccine. All the parents got Immunized another words, they had sufficient antibodies to defeat the illness. The problem is When they challenged them with the actual infection. They all died. They all died. And what happens is if the immune system Reacts. In such a way that it over Over. Corrects Then the immune system kills you. So it's not so much the vaccine. As your own immune system overreacting, very dangerous, And that's the problem. Okay, so right now you look out and on the human landscape and you don't see that many people. You don't hear many stories. About people every once in a while. You her story, Right? Like in clip 11 Go ahead. Orange County Coroner's office is investigating the death of a woman who passed away several days after getting her second Moderna vaccine family says the mother and grandmother was healthy before she got her shot and that her sudden death came as a shock. Eyewitness news reporter Jessica did Nova has more. This Orange County son worries his mom died because of her second Madonna Covert 19 vaccine dose. Conversation with staff at the O. C Coroner's office about Griselda Flotus is death raised red flags for Richard Cardenas and his family. They made it seem like this is like not the first call that they had, OSI Assistant chief deputy coroner Brad Olson says. That's right, Olsen tells eyewitness News. A handful of deaths, including Griselda are under investigation. Because they happened 123 days after the person got a covert 19 vaccine does Mm hmm. Yeah, and it's so horrible. It's so horrible. A perfectly healthy person says Okay, I'm gonna run out and get my vaccine. And boom a couple days later gone. Life wiped out, but not just one. Not just one many lives and many people women, Tucker Carlson did a segment on it. Women having strange side effects affecting their menstrual cycle. Strange things. Ah, friend of mine just told me the other day that this guy had covert toes. He had lost circulation in his toes. Never had that problem before in his life and something else, too. I mean, I hear all these strange side effects very dangerous. And then there's the story of the healthy 17 year old Utah. High school athlete clip 20. The pediatrician told the Everest mother that he thought it could be a polled neck muscle from all the basketball that Everest plays. He plays a high contact sport and you know, looking back, his mother acknowledges. Maybe This shot could have caused some kind of inflammation that was exacerbated by the competitive basketball that Everest plays. But let's get back to that time line at the time. His mother knew the swelling those constant headaches even in developing fever. They had to be something she knew. But the pediatrician.

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