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Was what we voted on. The conversation starts here. This is what we wanted. This is what we were promised. 161 FM talk stay connected. Fox News. I'm million Woo President Biden is about to leave on his first foreign trip since taking office, he said to meet with G seven allies ahead of his high stakes summit next week with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden is set to land in the United Kingdom. He's expected to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tomorrow. Over the weekend. Biden will join G seven leaders for the G seven summit. Foxes Berg Syngman overnight, Vice president, Kamala Harris returned from her first overseas trips and taking office. To Guatemala and Mexico, where she addressed the issue of immigration and vaccination rates in the country continue falling off data shows The U. S. Is now highly unlikely to meet President Biden's goal of getting 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July boxes. Kevin Corke America's listening to Fox News. Staying connected continues with 161 FM Talk Governor Roy Cooper says a Republican budget planned falls way short. The GOP proposal of $25.7 billion represents more than 3% increase. But Cooper wants more than 27. Charlotte Woman is accused of selling fake remedies for Covid 19. The FDA started investigating Diana death and in March of 2020 after she allegedly placed denied him on our website. They claimed to be a covid treatment. She was ordered to take the item down. But never did. The Carolina Hurricanes were blanked to nothing. Last night at PNC Arena, the loss eliminating the team from Stanley Cup contention, Coach Rod Brenda Moore said. We started this three years ago. It was to get relevant and expect to win. And we do now and then to be proud of what we're doing. And that's I think we've done that in the lightning in their attempt to keep the Stanley Cup move on to the semifinals. I'm Kyle Wilson. You heard you could save big when you bundle home and auto with progressive. So you went online to Check it out. But then you saw the link for a survey about which type of bread you are. And now you're on question..

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