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For symptoms of a new strain of coronavirus that has sickened dozens in China and killed two and residents in the Midwest and upper plains getting hit with the winter mix of snow and ice creating problems at the airports and roads Michelle Franzen ABC everyday living everything you want and deserve find out more white birch communities dot com this is in the garden with Andre Viette Saturday mornings from eight AM to eleven AM eastern time Andre more get taking guarding calls questions Andres in this week taking your calls at five four oh four three three nine seven eight two and a lot of you battling with snow and ice up and down northern Virginia the I ninety five quarters or if you're out about this morning take your time give yourself a little bit extra time to get to where you need to go we are right here the of you've got a guard in question on the Saturday morning gene does jeans at Chester Virginia and listens to in the garden on news radio let forty eight ninety six one W. RVA gene hi you're on the air with Andre good morning eight you taking my call I place you I had last fall had a successful of replanting of my tall fescue in my my turf yes it to it it looks pretty good now but I want to protect it from the we use that we will be trying to work its way in and out I'm really looking for second opinion I've gotten one opinion on the pre emergent it is so when do you put pre emergence down not the the person I talked to seem to be very knowledgeable that they said about February fifteenth but my question is do you rent do you measure soul temperature or you do you just go by the calendar when you're trying to plan for pre emergent well the calendar certainly you start with the calendar and then you go to the weather the problem is you can never protect you know predict what kind of weather for instance up till now the last couple weeks been warm you know not typical January more you say March weather and so that makes a big difference it is the end at the other thing about whether that affects everything you can get a cold period Wade it really is a soil freezes down four inches into it freezes and then you can get a warm period for three weeks of that upsets the you will you know what you're going to do up there to type the weeds you you want to get a pre emergence I would think that device you have is probably pretty good you deal unfortunately can get winter weeds there this chick we'd and I can come up in the winter and the dead nettle and there's a there's a couple areas of wind to weeks but that day at the dandelions and plantains and and ground ivy there not to win the weeds there more the regular season weeds so if you don't have any wind to weeds in there then that you have to worry about trying to control and thinks it is the new fescue a lawn you want to be careful on what chemicals sometimes can do some damage we kill is on a new grass and so it has to be put down at the right rate but I do feel that February late February would because once the weather warms up in March you're going to get the weeds to start to germinate and so yeah I think that that day it is I would agree with the February probably the for you with the best thing VT went to feeding there's you know if you look at lawns that are caught at three to three and a half inches which is recommended foot tall fescue and you feed that solid the weeds that come in a very little and so very important in managing your grass is to make sure you have fertilizer there and not chemical fertilizers so much it you're better off with organic fertilizer or fertilizes that have that will last like two to three months in slow and now you're feeding of the grass and so that you so winter winter application which they call the winter our winter rising go on when you but they're putting something down there's some good fertilizes the Holly tone people have have some good long organic lawn fertilizers you can look at that a group of fertilized it that they offer also and S. S. Bowman dot com one of the recommendations I got was to put pre emergent down wait three months and put it down again is that yeah that's correct a D. pre emergence you know I was fortunate enough to at Cornell to have doctor prism and doctor print and working with a professor at at Ohio state between Cornell and a higher state they were the first to develop pre emergence weed killers Klara chloride PC I can trying to remember you know when and then from there comes that the travel and then the whole long list of pre emergent but the purpose of pre emergent.

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