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On WCBS look at the forecast with meteorologist Frank straight. Not too bad now, but it gets cold tonight. It sure does we are going to be turning colder tonight. The winds will lessen some we'll have a mainly clear sky, low thirty two in midtown with twenties in the suburbs of wind. Chills will be falling down to the low twenty s and teens later on. We'll have the good deal sunshine tomorrow. But it's going to stay rather. Chilly just forty four for the high tomorrow breezy as well. So wind chills Abbassi being the thirty s tomorrow. Tomorrow night. You'll have partly cloudy skies, low thirty two in mid town. Again, another chilly one four Monday, Partly sunny once again, we'll reach forty four. Tuesday looks to be chilly as well. After that temperatures. Moderate a little right now, we have the mostly cloudy skies. Gusty breezes fifty in midtown feeling more like the low forties, though. Thanks to the when we're dropping down to thirty two tonight with the winds listening a bit Kevin. It's four ten at WCBS as seasons changed the first warm days are the perfect time to check your home for winter, wear and tear. Hi, I'm Tom Chrysler, and I'm Leslie security on WCBS NewsRadio eighty with today's money pit home improvement tick, if you can't get up on the roof use binoculars to look for shingles that might have been damaged by snow and ice missing broken or buckling roofing should be repaired before spring rains set in while you're out there. Clean and inspect your home. Citing use a pressure washer declare wager algae and check for any buckling warping or insect damage. Any of your driveway seen better days? Mix up an oxygenated stain removing cleaner apply it with a stiff brush rinse it away after a few minutes. It'll take stains and grime with it. And finally, spring showers are on there. Way. So keep the water outside. Where it belongs make sure soil slopes away from your home's foundation, and that gutters are clean and also facing away from your home. I'm lesley. And I'm Tom Chrysler on WCBS NewsRadio. Eighty for more money pit home improvement tips. Visit money pit dot com. Spring is on at JC Penney. Come in for up to fifty percent off women's new arrivals like jackets skirts,.

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