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Two people <Speech_Female> with two slices <Speech_Female> of bread asking <Speech_Male> one random <Speech_Male> question <Speech_Male> if two people were Oh <Speech_Male> to accidentally drop <Speech_Male> a slice of bread <Speech_Male> at exact opposite <Speech_Male> points of the globe <Speech_Male> would form <Speech_Male> the <SpeakerChange> into a sandwich <Speech_Female> in Earth <Speech_Female> Sandwich. Yeah <Speech_Female> it's exactly <Speech_Female> what it sounds like back <Speech_Female> to people <Speech_Female> in New Zealand and Spain <Speech_Female> have created <Speech_Female> in Earth Sandwich <Speech_Female> by placing <Speech_Female> slices of bread <Speech_Female> on precise points <Speech_Female> either side <Speech_Female> of the planet nineteen <Speech_Female> year old. Yeah <Speech_Female> not from <Speech_Female> land said. He's <Speech_Female> been wanting to do this for <Speech_Female> years. He <Speech_Female> used longitude <Speech_Female> and latitude. Points <Speech_Female> to figure out where <Speech_Female> exactly <Speech_Female> was the other <Speech_Female> side of the globe <Speech_Female> then not <Speech_Female> posted on Reddit. <Speech_Female> To find someone. Near that <Speech_Female> point he found <Speech_Female> his counterpart in <Speech_Female> Spain and they <Speech_Female> agreed on a date <Speech_Female> and time plus <Speech_Female> some <SpeakerChange> other key <Speech_Male> details. We've <Speech_Male> had to try <Speech_Male> to organize the <Speech_Male> same kind of bread <Speech_Male> which is surprisingly <Speech_Male> difficult. You'd <Speech_Male> expect supermarkets <Speech_Male> Rothwell to have <Speech_Male> the exact same kind. <Speech_Male> Apparently not <Speech_Male> also try to you <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> get both of <Speech_Male> them facing north. <Speech_Female> When the time <Speech_Female> came the two men <Speech_Female> lay down their <Speech_Female> slices of bread <Speech_Female> one in New Zealand <Speech_Female> and one <Speech_Female> in Spain and <Speech_Female> lunch served <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> the earth? Sandwich <Speech_Female> was complete <Speech_Female> so it can <Speech_Female> be done but <Speech_Female> why do <Speech_Female> it in the first place. <Speech_Female> Notice says <Speech_Female> he's currently on <Speech_Female> vacation <SpeakerChange> and didn't <Speech_Male> have anything better <Speech_Male> to do. It's also <Speech_Male> quite nice to just know <Speech_Male> that there is someone <Speech_Male> at the exact opposite <Speech_Male> point of the world <Speech_Male> that has done <Speech_Male> exactly <Speech_Male> the same thing as <Speech_Male> you in. There's <Speech_Male> one particular instance <Speech_Male> we've got <Speech_Male> entirely different <Speech_Male> lives but we are now connected <Speech_Male> by <SpeakerChange> this <Speech_Female> point. Two <Speech_Female> men have created <Speech_Female> an earth sandwich <Speech_Female> by placing <Speech_Female> two slices of bread read <Speech_Music_Female> on opposite ends <Speech_Music_Female> of the Earth at the <Speech_Music_Female> exact same time. <Speech_Music_Female> And that's <Speech_Music_Female> it.

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