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Use Radio, 9 2147 FM, 7 35 Triple H is today hazy, hot and humid, very uncomfortable high near 90 degrees. That's the skinny from Storm Team 10 meteorologist Christine Ernie and her forecast. As Britain's government is coming up with a clever idea to try to jump start their restaurants bouncing back from covert 19. Joining us now is Simon Owen from Fox News Morning, Simon. Good morning. Brun. Yes, the finance minister here says at this moment is unique. We need to be creative. And so he is introducing something that he says Britain has never Try before part of the British economy that is very important cornerstone of the UK economy these days is hospitality industry, so pubs, restaurants, hotels movie? Whatever else there is concern among the government here. The people are anxious about going back out to these places as the UK lifts its Corona virus lock down pubs and restaurants only reopened last weekend. After three months, and many of them are warning that they are financially on the brink even may have had a lot of support from the government. They say they concerned about whether customers they're going to come back in numbers. So what we have here is this unusual approach from the UK government where it is going to pick up half the tab. Ready meal in a public restaurant throughout August, just on Mondays, Wednesdays. They're not going seven days a week. This is a conservative government in Britain, after all, but they are going to put half of the bill to try to encourage people back into pubs and Russians. It's part ofthe a bigger package of measures. In terms of an economic stimulus in attempt to stave off a surgeon unemployment numbers in the months ahead, But it is unusual on DH. Now they are offering Tio Dutch. They're just part of a package of say, and this is actually the cheapest measure of the finance minister has announced. In terms of these Various measures to try and help the economy. But this is the one that got people talking the prospect of the government or expose taxpayers by extension, putting half of the bill the meals in pubs or restaurants across the UK for the month of August. Clever idea. Okay, going, Duchess. You say like that. Simon Owen from Fox, please. Thanks, Simon. It's now 7 38 The Trump Administration's considering a serious ban on a popular social media app over concerns that China wheels power over here's Fox is Jared Helping with Mohr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has suggested a possible U. S ban of tick talk Chinese owned social media app in other products that could put US data at risk now evaluating each instance. Where we believe that U. S citizens of data that they have on their phones. They're in their system are in their healthcare records. We want to make sure that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't have a way to easily access that Tic Tac has told media agencies it has never provided data to the Chinese government in the APP is not available in China. US lawmakers have warned about Chinese laws requiring companies to support and cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies. Jared Halpern Fox News Manuscripts of police body camera recordings released publicly yesterday showed that as George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers more than 20 times that he couldn't breathe before he died. The officer who had his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes, told him quote, then stop talking. Stop yelling! It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk among what Floyd said While officer Derrick Childrens need was on his neck was you're going to kill me, man and they'll kill May they'll kill me. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Transcripts were made public is part of formal officers. Thomas Lanes request to have the aiding and abetting both second degree murder and manslaughter case against him dismissed with his attorney, Earl Grey, contending that there's there's isn't possible and probable cause to charge him. Lane was one of the three officers involved in the May 25th incident. Grace said that Lane had asked twice if they should roll Floyd, who was on his stomach handcuffed as you recall on the honest side, and Sheldon said, no shovels charged with second degree murder. It's now 7 40 Let's hit the road ways again. Check in with John Hamlet in the Traffic Center from UN bombed out and break that left traveling clear out of the way all going 60. Spam Beiber 10. Not a bad rider murdered six getting through Johnston off.

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