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And yeah the director and had just all that access and it was really cool to see all these people from tacoma tacoma vibe in kind of fuck you vibe that's cool shoutouts tacoma tacoma comedy club i do the show out there sometimes pretty awesome people bright to settle proper tacoma's right there but you know how people are ken jennings was last movie you saw last movie i saw a theater was totally diablo cody joint right with ivan reitman reteaching from when they did young adult pearly not ivan reitman that'd be that'd be quite get oh yeah yeah jason reitman but i've been still making movies isn't he dead he's alive he's alive cool i think you're thinking of herald ramos passed away did they not die together and like a fiery crash no knows illness the notebook or something holding them and louise this is always good to know ahead tell us about this movie i always liked the part in a podcast where somebody's packing a suitcase got a place it even audio so we got plenty of time so the movie starts with shirley's there and doug son stealing our prices became fully insured would if this was your getaway plan dring me of ab careful you don't wanna you don't wanna spill spiderman everywhere way doug and he's gone douglas movies everybody good night wait to commit to that bit by the way vaccine hurt for weeks picked up like i really really wanted it.

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