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Or two is really all in terms of how this and goes new. Daily cases of covid nineteen are down sharply in the united states and hospitalizations are at the lowest levels since october. But will linski said we risk halting our progress against the virus by reopening too quickly governor abbott said removing statewide mandates does not end personal responsibility he added. It's just that now. State mandates are no longer needed. The governors of michigan mississippi and louisiana are also easing up on bars restaurants and other businesses a deadly collision that killed more than two dozen people in an suv. In southern california tuesday was apparently linked to a human smuggling operation. The border patrol said the. Suv drove through a large hole. In an old section of fencing. Along the mexican border. The breach occurred in a busy area for illegal crossings. Near the imperial sand. Dunes officials have revised the number of people killed in that collision to thirteen chief. Omar watson with the california highway patrol told reporters there were twenty five occupants in the ford expedition including the driver who's twenty two years old twelve of the occupants including the driver succumb to their injuries. Twelve on scene and one hospital. Republican arizona congressman. Andy biggs said. It is not uncommon for smuggling rings to dangerously pack dozens of people into a vehicle crammed through twenty twenty five people in a passenger at ford expedition or some other suv. That's what happened yesterday. So that's normal that we see along the border. A semi trucks smashed into the side of the suv eleven miles north of the border. After it crossed into the path of the truck the border patrol said. It was not pursuing the suv at the time of the crash. New york governor andrew cuomo on wednesday rejected calls for him to resign following sexual harassment allegations. I wasn't elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of the state of new york. The democratic governor speaking publicly for the first time since three women accused him of inappropriate touching and offensive remarks. Cuomo said quote learned an important lesson about his behavior around women he added it was unintentional. I truly and deeply apologize for it. To of komo's accusers immediately. Rejected his latest apology. They say he's attempting to excuse. His behavior as his way of being quote playful new york attorney general letitia. James is overseeing an investigation of the allegations against the governor. I'm kelvin ten and straight ahead growing acceptance for digital currencies las cal thomas on disappearing boundaries. This is the world and everything in a. it's thursday the fourth of march. Twenty twenty one. This is the world and everything in it and we're so glad to have you along today. Good morning i'm mary record. And i'm meghan basham. First step digital currencies the.

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