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Becoming a fugitive again, we can part ways right now. Dillinger's face flushed red, and argyle felt the energy between them chill a bit. But he didn't drop his gaze. He wasn't afraid. But he wanted to avoid making a scene. In any sort of wavering on his part, would do just that. After a moment, dillinger relaxed. Look, I only ever wanted enough money to live comfortably. And have no worries. That's stuff in the papers about me being some big criminal mastermind is theater to sell more papers. Argyle didn't think that was all dillinger was. He knew the man's long and violent history, but he didn't interrupt. First time I went to prison was for stealing 50 bucks from a grocery store, so I could eat, 'cause no one would hire me. I was sentenced to 15 years and did I stuff I'd done after that? Robin banks? I learned it all inside. That's where all crooks learn the tricks of the tree. I was the meanest son of a bitch you ever walked out of a cell because I was so angry with the world. But I wasn't ever greedy, like Capone, bugs, Moran. I had a few wild oats. And I sewed them. Did some bad things? Sure. But it got way out of hand. I just won out of the spotlight. Like you. Argyle, listened for the cadences of a prepared speech. And heard none. It proved nothing, of course. Dillinger was good at acting on his feet. Meanwhile, the crowd behind them was cheering over a disappearing bird trick. Even Anna sage was clapping. Argyle then noticed godrich hearthstone looking at dillinger with speculation in his roomy eyes. And maybe that was good because argyle had an idea. He waved the man down. Dillinger, glanced over at the doddering wizard with the patchy white beard heading toward them. Who the hell is he? And old friend. That was an exaggeration. Say hello to John Dillinger. Held out his hand. How do you do mister dillinger? Or should I say Jimmy Lawrence? He tipped dillinger a knowing wink. Dillinger's face turned stormy, and he started to reach into his pocket where undoubtedly he was storing a piece. I don't like surprises. You should know that. The robber was heating up and argyle rushed to put out the fire before bullets started flying. Calm down, John. He's a good fella likely he was just eavesdropping, a simple enough charm isn't that right God drink. The other wizard flushed a Deep Purple. My apologies folks seemed much for conversation in this place, at least with the likes of me. I heard most of it naturally enough, though, always had good ears. So I did. Dillinger relaxed. A little. Look. Times wasting. Manhattan melodrama ain't gonna last forever. Can you help me or not? Argyle was about to ask godric if he knew of any helpful decoy spells with the other wizard put his hand on dillinger's shoulder and muttered something under his breath. Argyle blanked, and suddenly he was looking at two dillinger's. Identical, right down to the mustache. Clothing, and the bad surgery scars. Panic, argyle glanced around the room. No one else was paying the many mind. Except jonesy. Behind the bar, whose mouth was hanging open like a trapdoor. Everyone else was enwrapped with the man on stage throwing enchanted blades of light at a half naked woman. Dillinger touched his own wonder filled face and then godrich. It's like a carbon copy. It's better than that. Godric said. I'm you right down to the fingerprints and the blood in my veins. Argyle was still in shock. In all his years, he had never seen such a wondrous display of talent. And how in the world did you manage that contract? It's a not. I've been worried that for a while. He said. Even his voice was a perfect match for dillinger's. Didn't know it would actually work till I tried it though. Glad it did. Dillinger laughed. For your sake. I'm glad it did, too. Well, it's not like I ain't gonna die in a few minutes, right? This calls for celebration. Godric raised his hand to jonesy. Around of your best whisky for the three of us. The bartender almost needed to be told twice, but he eventually got moving. His hand shook a little as he poured, but like a true professional, he didn't spill a drop. A cloak of unease fell over argyle's heart. Why was godrich offering himself up so easily? The old wizard had obviously been in his cups for quite some time, and he had few prospects. The only thing keeping him in coin was performing the occasional magic show for the daytime crowd. But there wasn't a whole lot of action, or pay, and he was usually drunk by sundown. But was this really how godric wanted to go down as a Patsy for a gangster? The whole thing was tragic, but argyle seemed to be the only one troubled by any of it. As the two identical men beside him clean glasses, guzzled down their drinks like a couple of sailors on liberty. Dillinger slammed down his last. I feel like I should be paying you. Instead of our guy here, but I guess you're not gonna have much use for money with you're going. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope fat with money. You got a relative or something I got out here can send half of this too? Shook his head. No need. You're the one doing me the favor, mister dillinger. Believe me, I've been waiting years for an opportunity like this. If you say so, dillinger said. He handed argyle the envelope. There's two grand in there. Don't spend it all in one place. That was more money than argyle had ever received for a job. Combined with what he had saved up. It was enough to get him passage out of the country and have his bonds removed, with enough left over to avoid work for a couple of years. But not even this sudden windfall could set his heart right on this it was ironic he should feel this way, given how much wrong he'd been party to throughout his life, especially in the last 5 years or so. But this crossed a threshold. And was he relieved to find he still had a bit of moral center left? Perhaps. We don't have to do it like this. You've had a rough couple years, but you'll die out there. Those agents will look for any reason in the world to shoot to kill. You know that, right? Dillinger cut in. Hey. The deal is done here. It's a little late and frankly offensive to an egg after the money's been handed over. The old man made his choice. Argyle slapped the envelope bag down on the bar in front of dillinger. Keep it. I'm not going to take hush money while you let some old drunk kill himself for you. This is insanity. Grabbed argyle's wrist. He looked weak with his grip. It was like hot iron. Look at me, argyle pin dragon. Look me right in the eyes. Reluctantly, you obeyed. There was more power in them than argyle had felt from any wizard in centuries. Let alone since the ban on their kind was put into place. And he understood now that something far above him was at work. Stay out of this, said those doppelganger dillinger eyes. This doesn't concern you. I'm not as crazy as you think, our guy. I'm older than you. And I know what I'm doing. Regardless of my reasons, the decision is mine to make. Not yours. Got it? He held gadgets defiant and decidedly sober, gaze for a minute before he finally relented. The elder wizard was right. It was a poor display of ego on argyle's part to assume someone else's destiny. After a thousand years of life, it was a lesson that demanded relearning. I beg for your pardon. I let my emotions cloud my respect can you forgive the presumptions of an old fool? Godric released his grip and sat back. Of course. Don't be too hard on yourself. He looked at dillinger. I suppose this is goodbye. Joy, your new life. Jimmy Lawrence. The twin gangsters shook hands. And you, John.

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